We owe you, and the Priyas of the world, an explanation.

There are two ways you could have landed here.

a. You’ve received this email invite and update



b. You’ve been following this thread on social media.


And if you follow #PriyaWedsSofa, you’ll see everyone has been talking about us.

Before the Priyas sue us, here’s what drove us to create #PriyaWedsSofa…

Priya wasn’t the only one getting married.

There was Karan too.




This inter-species commitment may seem odd, but if you buy furniture, you might as well get married to it. Why else would you say forever, unless you want it to stick around through thick, thin, evolutions and inconvenience?


We love committing… to the strangest things.

All of us. Let us explain.

We showed you exactly what committing to furniture looks like very ridiculous.




When you buy something, there’s a chance that something with better pricing, and simply, a lifestyle upgrade – is always around the corner.

But before you know it, you’ve already signed up for a style statement, utility and of course, reluctant care of a table, microwave, or couch you happened to like what… 3 years ago?

Maybe owning can be done in a much smarter way.



Just Rentomojo it instead

Owning ≠ buying, really.

With Rentomojo – you skip the negativity of purchase. You choose the furniture, appliance or even bike you want for now, and own it till as long as you want to. 

When you’re looking for an upgrade, or a move, or a change of mind, do it without hiccoughs – by simply returning it to us.

No hassles, no commitment, and importantly, no holding back.

No more #PriyaWedsSofa

Or #<YourName>Weds<FavouriteFurniture>

In this ever-changing world of design and comfort, commit to skills, hobbies, change. We at Rentomojo will always be trying to make your commitment mean more, with products and services that make that aspect of your life better.

Just – don’t commit to furniture.


And if you’re still a Priya, make the smart move. And go commitment-free.



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