Rentomojo Review: Kasturi shares how Renting helps her in more than just one way!

I wanted to get a whiteboard & a study table for my cozy workspace. Rentomojo’s subscription model was of my choice because I’m a bachelor and I don’t know if I will move in the next two months or even a year. This is a good model and I would recommend it to other people as well” –  Kasturi Shrivastava

Watch this Rentomojo review video to find out more about Kasturi’s renting experience 🙂

Kasturi Shrivastava, the founder of in Bangalore, has worked with a number of start-ups across the country. As Kasturi points out in her blog, Rentomojo helped her by giving her the perfect workspace with a white board. Adding to that, she felt that the rental subscription model suited her lifestyle seamlessly.

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  1. Apni maa chudwalo khao paisa bhen k lodo gandwo randi k bacho chootmaari k pillo apne boss ko ss leke bhejo office group mein or hijdo ki tarah taali bajao q ki randwa or bhadwa start up h tumhara

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