Reasons Why You Should Rent Mid-Range Phones

We, millennials, prefer changing our phones at least once or twice a year to keep up with the changing trends. The primary reason why the market for mid-range phones is getting stronger is the budget, of course, but also the fact that you get almost all the features that a flagship phone has to offer within a budget. But, because there is an increase in demand, the competition is also getting fierce. There are several smartphone models being launched every year.

If you love upgrading your phone often or you’re looking for an affordable option, then mid-range phones are a good choice. But, making a choice when you have so many options with minor differences in their features can get confusing and frustrating at times. Which one would you choose? What if you buy one and then realize that it isn’t performing the way you’d expected it to?

Worry no more! At RentoMojo, we have something that’ll help you save a few more bucks and give you an option to try a model and then decide if you want to buy it. Because guess what? mid-range phones just got more affordable! You can now rent these smartphones starting at ₹1,399/month only.

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Wondering why you should rent a mid-range phone?

Let us break it down and tell you why renting a mid-range phone is way smarter than buying one.

1.No buyer’s regret

There are several mid-range phones in the market these days. All of them come with tempting new features and maybe, a few problems—some serious and some not so much. The difference in features and specifications in these various models is hardly noticeable and that makes it even more difficult for us to narrow it down to one model. That is why it’s always better to use it first before you decide to own it. This way you’ll pay rent only for the time period of your usage. If you like it, you can use it for a year and then upgrade or choose to buy it and if you don’t, just return it and try another one.

2.More affordable than EMIs

Imagine getting the already affordable mid-range phones at a cheaper price! A steal deal, isn’t it? RentoMojo does exactly that. We give you mid-range phones on rent which makes it even more affordable. The RMI (Rental Monthly Installment) is noticeably lower than the EMI that you would end up paying for these smartphones.

mid-range phones3.Switch it up

Change your phone more often than ever. When you buy a phone and want to change it later, you need to worry about selling it off to a buyer who’s willing to pay at least a little more than peanuts. With RentoMojo, you can just upgrade your smartphone anytime you want.

4.You don’t need a credit card

Own the phone you want and change whenever without letting it affect your CIBIL score. Renting a smartphone from RentoMojo is easy and doesn’t even require a credit card.

mid-range phones

Get the benefits of owning a smartphone without the hassle or commitment of owning one. Make the smart choice.

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