Here’s Something For The OCD In You: Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

Tired of walking into a junkyard for a kitchen? Here are tips and hacks for a cleaner home!

By far the most frequented room in any home, the kitchen is everyone’s favourite for a reason. Whether you’re a closet Gordon Ramsay or a poor man’s Sanjeev Kapoor, the kitchen is where you end to be spending a lot of time — especially if you live alone in a rented apartment and have to prepare (or simply heat) your own meals!

But much like every other room in the house, the kitchen isn’t immune to clutter — and clutter in the kitchen means rotten food, stink, and of course, pests! If you’re looking to own a sparkly clean kitchen but don’t know how to go about it, here are five ideas that should help!

Keep Those Counters Clean!


A common mistake most people make is dumping everything on the kitchen counters and leaving it there because they’re too lazy to restore stuff to its original place. So when we say keep the counters clean, we don’t mean just spray some Colin and scrub the surface till you can see your own reflection — we mean, make sure apart from the essentials, there’s nothing on the counter after you’re done cooking.

Follow this to a tee after every meal you prepare, and you’ll halve your cluttering issues before you know it!

Make Use Of The Cabinets

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are about as important in any kitchen as the stove and refrigerator — but only if you go about in an organised manner. Dumping jars, boxes, and utensils in the first empty space available isn’t the way forth!

Instead, divide the cabinets into sections that will allow you to store and find whatever you need with relative ease. If you’re forgetful, label the sections and jars — and if you’re not, label them anyway because it’ll help anyone who ends up using that kitchen.

How Much Is Too Much?

OK, so you’re quite the Masterchef, but do you really need all those extra gadgets? And if you do, do they really need to have a permanent home in the kitchen?

Look at your kitchen objectively, and figure out if your love for three different kinds of mixer grinders, a toaster, a juicer, and a microwave oven is what’s causing the clutter. Once you’ve identified the problem, figure out how often you really need it, and accordingly, find a new home for it.

Store, Dump, Or Donate?



Be it an old toaster that’s just gathering dust or that blender you haven’t touched in two years — do you really need it, or are you just guilty of hoarding?

If you don’t, but it’s usable, donate it to someone who will actually use it. But if it’s damaged, broken, or just worn out, it’d be wise to dump it into the nearest bin.

Rent Those Essentials!

You might be thinking, “Wait, why should I rent essentials for my kitchen?”, but trust us when we say that there are benefits aplenty.

For starters, subscribing to renting offers hassle free services like free delivery, installation, and maintenance, which means half your job is done for you. Furthermore, you’ll only end up renting what you need at a more than fair price — perhaps a refrigerator and a microwave, to begin with — and that will only help you have a cleaner, less cluttered kitchen!

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