Say Hello To 2019 With These Ultimate NYE Plans

The New Year brings in some kind of a magic in the air. It’s the time when you’re reminiscing all the good times and looking forward to a new beginning. We always want to have the ultimate NYE plan. And why not? It is one of the most important celebrations of the year for most of us!

There are many ways to bid Aloha to the old year and welcome in the new but most of us get confused and end up with no concrete plan for our New Year’s Eve. Whether it is with our family, friends or the special someone, ringing in the New Year with the utmost positivity is what we are all looking forward to. So, here are the top 5 ultimate NYE plans.

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Top 5 Ultimate NYE plans:

1. Host an awesome house party

ultimate NYE

Staying at home on New Year’s Eve with your loved ones is one of the best ways to kick in the New Year. You can host a costume party or a pyjama party with your friends, have a super-fun game night with your family or cook up a fancy dinner and watch a movie with your special one. The choices are unlimited!

2. Go clubbing with your friends

ultimate NYE

Who wouldn’t want to party their way into a New Year? An amazing group of friends, a few drinks, loud music, a lot of dancing, the countdown to 2019 and celebrations all around! That sounds like a perfect way to begin a brand new chapter. Find a party in your city that is creating a buzz and buy the tickets OR just rent your favourite products from RentoMojo and use the code ‘PARTAYYY’ to win free couple passes to the most happening party in your city.

3. Head over to a farmhouse

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Another great way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year is to book a farmhouse in the outskirts of the city. You can have your own private party with a big group of friends but in a private setting. Book a farmhouse (preferably with a pool, ‘cause who doesn’t love a pool party), decorate it the way you want, do a potluck, play loud music and party hard. You’ll also have the convenience of sleeping over at the farmhouse!

4. Go on a vacation

ultimate NYE

There are a few of us who don’t really enjoy the loud music and big celebrations of New Year’s Eve. The ultimate way to celebrate New Year for us is to take a vacation with our loved ones, celebrate it in a beautiful place away from the city. You can book a beach house, a hilltop villa, a beautiful homestay surrounded by coffee estates or a resort by the river.

5. A poolside party at a resort in the outskirts of the city

ultimate NYE
When we are talking about vacations and farmhouses, how can we forget resorts? For all you people who do not fancy a place that’s crowded with too many unknown faces, a resort is a great option. Resorts usually give out a limited number of passes. You get the feeling of being in a farmhouse, minus the hassle of making the arrangements.

Celebrate this New Year’s Eve like never before and start the New Year with a fresh mind, all the positive energy and don’t forget to hug your loved ones. A very Happy New Year Y’all!

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