Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House – Indian Millennial’s Guide

As soon as we turn 18, there is this sense of independence and freedom that we all feel. Living with parents after this age is a common phenomenon in India but not that much in the West. Of course, there are pros and cons of both moving out of your parents’ house and living with them. But, you need to think about what works for you and if it really makes sense to move out.

Moving out of your parents’ house is definitely a big deal. This is going to be your ultimate transition from being dependent to being independent. We can’t deny the fact that living independently helps you become more responsible. It’s going to be a big change, be it emotionally, financially, mentally or in terms of responsibilities. Your first step to adulting begins here.

Living independently can sound awesome, but are you absolutely sure you are ready for the big change? There are some things that you need to consider and calculate before you make the big move.

Things you should ask yourself:

moving out of your parents' house

1. Why do you want to move out?

There can be several reasons why you have chosen to move out. But, is it a strong and valid reason? Because we cannot stress enough on how many more responsibilities one has to take up once they start living on their own. If you know that this is definitely going to make you happy, then ask yourself the next question.

2. Are you ready to take up the financial responsibilities?

Living on your own can take a toll on your finances. When you are living with your parents, you probably don’t pay for rent, bills or groceries. Once you start living on your own, you’ll have to take care of everything financially. If you are still financially dependent on your parents, it’s better to live with them. This way, your parents won’t have to spend extra on your house rent and bills. If you are earning, calculate your income and subtract the estimated expenses. If your balance is in a positive 4-digit or 5-digit number, you are good to go.  

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3. How will you break it to your parents?

Moving out of your parents’ house may be a big deal for you, but remember that it is going to be a bigger and, probably, a more worrisome change for your parents too. You have lived with them your entire life. They have taken care of almost all your needs. When you decide to move out, make it a point to break it to them before you rent a house or take any other big step. Let them feel like you have taken their opinion and feelings into consideration and made the decision.

4. Are you all set to move?

After weighing in your reasons, calculating your finances and breaking the news to your parents, it’s time to get prepared for the big move. Catch hold of a broker to find a place that fits in your budget and gives you a good vibe. Once you have found the right house, make a checklist of things you will need to buy and all the arrangements you need to make such as internet connection, gas connection, setting up the cable, etc. To fit in things within a budget, rent furniture, and appliances for your home from RentoMojo.

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5. How is life going to be after moving out?

When you live with your parents, almost all your needs are taken care of. You leave your room dirty and go out. When you come back, it is magically clean. You get home after a tiring day and your mum ensures that you have some good homemade food and only after that can you hit the bed. If you fall sick, your dad becomes your genie and fulfills all of your wishes. It won’t be the same once you start living by yourself. You’ll have to do everything on your own. But on the brighter side, you will become more responsible and have your privacy and freedom.

6. Can I balance it out?

The last thing that you need to keep in mind is that everything has its own pros and cons. While the new-found freedom is wonderful, there will be few of those days when you may feel extremely homesick. Keep in touch with your parents and visit them often.

Moving out of your parents’ house might not be the easiest process in India. You may have to cross a lot of small hurdles and a few big ones but that’s going to be worth it in the long run. Remember that you might make a few mistakes. That’s how we all learn, right?


  1. Scared AF to move out. I’m 21 and I’m moving out. My salary is not that good but I’m hoping that I can manage.

    1. Hi guys hope all the people who have been planning to move out have moved out and are in good health. Is there anyone from delhi? Well I have to get out due to my father and issues related to him. Are you also having some issues or just want to feel freedom?

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