The Indian Millennial’s Guide To Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House

Crave independence but stuck at home? Here’s a guide to help you stand on your own two feet

Living with your parents beyond adulthood is a phenomenon that’s unique to the desi world. It’s something that’s legitimately mocked in the West — a sign of dependency and lack of personal growth.

Many, though, defend the phenomenon, citing Indian cultures and values as justification, deeming moving out as disrespectful and ‘abandonment’ of your parents.


That, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of people today seek personal space and independence — and there’s nothing wrong with that. The millennial era has seen a surge in young people moving our for college, work, or just to get a taste of independence, and if you’re one such person, you’re going to have to keep a few things in mind before you take the plunge.

For starters, ask yourself — are YOU ready? Are you dependent on your parents? Are you comfortable living alone, or with a roommate? Can you cook, clean, and devote time and energy to other chores? Most importantly, do you have enough savings to facilitate the move?


Money, of course, plays a crucial role. There’s deposit, rent, brokerage, essentials, and other basic necessities to pay for. Only when you have enough, should you actually think about making the move.

The next step is probably the most important one — speaking to the parents. If you have understanding parents, it’ll be a doddle. If you don’t, then well, be prepared to face tons of resistance and K-series inspired melodrama. Either they’ll grudgingly accept, or you’ll have to leave having offended them, or simply move cities.



Once you’re sure about moving out, figure out if you make enough to live alone, or you’ll have to share with a roommate. Either way, it’s wise to opt for a semi-furnished or unfurnished apartment, and to go through a reliable broke, lest you get taken for a ride! Read the contract thoroughly, and make sure you ask both the broker and the landlord questions to clear everything out. Leave no room for ambiguity — you don’t want any surprises after signing the contract!

When you land the apartment, you’re going to have to furnish it. Instead of buying furniture, it makes more sense to rent your essentials from Rentomojo. Subscribing to renting has tons of perks, too. Not only do you get everything you need for a small amount every month, but with additional services like free delivery, installation, and maintenance, you lead a hassle free life!

And well, there you have it. You’re in your new apartment! Once you do move out, though, make sure you learn how to cook basic meals at the very least. If you’re skeptical about hiring a house help, learn how to clean — it’s not rocket science, folks. Be organized, and try and save much money as you can! This is where it counts


Lastly, just because you live alone now, doesn’t mean you cut ties with your parents. Drop by every now and then, invite them over, and keep in regular touch with them over the phone. They’ll always be your parents, after all!

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Rameez Shaikh is a 23 year old writer. With a degree in journalism to his name, he’s an aspiring author with an absolutely astounding admiration for alliteration. Leisure propels him to read, pen fiction, and write about himself in third person. On weekdays, he works as a features writer. On weekends, he’s a Manchester United fan.

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