Life After College: Expectation Vs. Reality


life after college

“Carpe diem!” exclaimed a hopeful and ambitious Robin Williams in ‘Dead Poets Society’. His words have inspired many of us to make our lives extraordinary every day. As you walk out the doors of your college for the last time, there are many expectations and dreams you may have about your life after college.

Will everything be just the way you imagined? Let’s find out.

The job dilemma

Expectation: You will land your dream job right after college.

Reality: We hate to break your bubble, but you probably won’t land your dream job right away. But, that’s the best part. Your first job could be many things. You could be working long hours, and the pay could be bad, or you could be having your first successful break into the corporate world! Regardless, your first job will be a valuable life experience.

The ‘adulting’ moment

Expectation: You will have everything figured out.

Reality: It might seem like many of your friends have it all figured out. And then there’s you, caught between the crossroads of not knowing what to do next. But here’s the good news, it’s okay to feel lost and not have everything figured out. Society has conditioned our minds to chase the next ‘unicorn’ in life. Finding the right things in life take time. There’s always a way, so don’t give up yet.

life after college

Miles apart but still together

Expectation: You and your college friends are still going to be together.

Reality: If you find yourself in a different city because of your job, chances are that you’re already battling different time schedules and having a tough time keeping in touch with your old friends. Truth be told, you will always cherish all the time you spent in college, but it’s also important to go out and make new friends. Always make time to surround yourself with friends, they’ll help you get through the best and worst days.

All by yourself

Expectation: You will have enough time and money to do everything after college.

Reality: Life after college is strangely like your childhood dream of having the freedom to do anything. You can go wherever your heart desires or splurge as much as want, but that’s about it. When you’re older, you’re on your own. You’re responsible for your actions, decisions and how you choose to go on with life. It’s almost overwhelming to do everything on your own, but hey, you get to pick what to eat for dinner!

life after college

Big city, big responsibilities.

Expectation: Moving to a new city and living on your own will be awesome.

Reality: Let’s admit it, the idea of not having parents around to nag you sounds great, but the comfort of home, the sight of freshly washed clothes and a clean room will always be a treasure to miss. Home will always be a treasure trove of memories and comfort, but there’s always a way to build your own. Build your own home smartly, start here.

If there’s anything more you’re likely to miss, it’s probably the comfort of your mum’s food. Oh, that halwa!

Party time or sleep time?

Expectation: You’re going to party and hang out with friends all the time.

Reality: As you grow older, you’ll find yourself relishing those sober nights talking for hours with your closest friends rather than going out every night and waking up to a hangover. If you still manage to have the motivation to go out and party with your friends, it’s going to be a tough time with those heap of dirty dishes and week-old laundry sitting at home!

Life after college can be pretty tough, but it’s not all that bad.

Life doesn’t have to go as planned, and that’s the best part. There’s more to life than meets the eye. Go see the world, meet people, listen to interesting stories. Take up a hobby or try something that you’ve always wanted to do. Adulting isn’t all that bad.

life after college

As Monica Geller in Friends would say, “Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re gonna love it.”

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