8 Decor Rules To Arrange Furniture In Your Home

Arranging furniture in the house is the most perplexing yet a very important decision to make as far as home design is concerned. Personal aesthetics, layout, space, furniture design—there are so many things to consider while doing the furniture placement. The way you arrange furniture can either make or break the entire look of a room. 

Rearrangement of the existing furniture is a way, which does not demand you to buy new things or furniture to make your home look more cheerful and inviting. You certainly need not be an interior designer to do so. However, it requires some basic planning and thinking.

Here’s a simple guide to arrange furniture while setting up your room:


1. Measurement is the key!

Start by measuring out your floor area as well as the dimensions of your furniture. This will save you from the pain of moving heavy pieces again and again. Plan out the floor space according to the measurements. You can either do this on a piece of graph paper or create it on some computer program. If doing it on a graph paper, make the practice arrangements with the paper cut-outs rather than physically moving your furniture. There is nothing more disappointing and tiring than to find out that the new couch, which just got delivered for your living room is too big for the planned corner.


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2. Start with a focal point 

Every room in your house needs a focal point. Decide on the focal point first, since the rest of the furniture is supposed to be placed around it. For example, a dining table could be a focal point for the dining room and the living room could have a fireplace or television as its focal point. These are just a few elements that make the biggest statement in a room and act as an anchor.


arrange furniture


3. Let it flow

Can you see a clear path from one door to another in the room? How easy is it for you to enter and exit the seating area in the room? These are a few questions, which need to be taken care of while mapping the room. There should be at least two to three feet of space between the heavy pieces like sofas and beds to make the room look even more inviting. Also a good tip is to free up the entryways of the room to make it look more spacious.


4. Define areas

The most important step while deciding on how to arrange furniture in different rooms and corners of your house is to establish the purpose of each room. It could be for intimate gatherings like watching TV or gaming sessions with your friends, which could require a comfortable viewing spot. If it is for entertaining large crowds, you might need to ensure that every seat has a table within its reach (preferably arm-length) so that your guests don’t have to get up every time they want to put their drink down. Make use of a few side tables for this purpose.


5. Conversation zones

It can feel really uncomfortable to have conversations in extra-large rooms. Make sure you don’t leave extra unwanted space between two seats when you are placing your furniture. Try to keep the space less than seven to eight feet. This will allow people to have a smooth conversation without needing to shout across the room. If there is an elongated room, try having two conversation spots by keeping the second spot simpler than the first.


6. Go large with your rug

If you want your room to look bigger and luxurious, don’t forget to put large rugs under the big pieces of furniture. Ensure that the seating area has a rug underneath to give it a cosy and intimate look. This gives an illusion of a bigger space and also softens the entire look of your house.


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7. Symmetry and balance

Finding the right balance is very important when you rearrange furniture or set up new ones in different rooms. The right placement of different types, shapes, and sizes of furniture is extremely critical. If it’s not done right, your room can end up looking really cluttered and shabby. Make sure that the pieces of furniture grouped together not only complement each other but are also functional.


8. Last but not least, experiment! 

After doing the entire arrangement, if you still feel like you need to add on a few more new pieces to complete the look of your re-arranged old furniture then you can always opt to rent.  The new and trendy furniture along with a wide variety of home appliances are available at RentoMojo with added user-friendly policies and installation services. Go, check it out!


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