How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

All the boops and zoomies are super cute, but the hardest part of being a pet parent is dealing with all the fur and hairballs. They become the most important part of our lives and our families. So, obviously, they lounge on our sofas, share our beds, and make our favourite sofas their bed. After all, it is ‘fur’niture!

As much as we love our furry little bundle of joy, the one thing we don’t love is all the fur EVERYWHERE! On the floor, curtains, furniture, carpets, clothing, and not to mention car seats. The worst among all these is getting rid of the fur from your couch. Removing them is sometimes next to impossible as they have a way of sticking stubbornly to upholstery and under the cushions.


What should you do then? 

Start by choosing the right couch!

If you are dealing with the pet hair problem, you should consider choosing a pet-friendly fabric for your sofa. It is best to avoid fabrics like velvet, loose knits, cotton, and wool. On the other hand, choose materials like synthetics, leather, satin, etc. Getting rid of the pet hair from leather and wooden couches is easier than removing them from the fabric sofas, which can be a total nightmare.


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Here are some easy solutions to this tricky fur problem. Follow these methods to have clean and fur-free couches in no time!


#1. Lint roller

how to remove pet hair from furniture

If your pet’s favourite spot in the house is your comfy couch and you are struggling with the problem of removing the shed hair, a sticky Lint roller is here to the rescue. Start by dusting your sofa with a cloth or a towel, then use the lint roller all over the sofa and voila!


#2. Scotch tape

If you want to save some money, then this is one of the most inexpensive hacks. Use the sticky side of the scotch tape and start dabbing it on the places where there is fur. This will pick up all the loose fur that is stuck to the fabric. This hack is a little more time consuming than using a lint roller but works equally well. 


#3. Rubber gloves

This is quite an easy way to get cat hair off the couch. Use wet rubber gloves and run your hands over the fabric surface. All the fur will stick to the gloves because of the friction. To clean the gloves, just put them into a tub of hot water and watch the hair float away. Your gloves are all clean and ready for the next use!


#4. Vacuuming

how to remove pet hair from furniture

Whether it is a fabric or a leather sofa, vacuuming works well in both cases. It is one of the fastest methods. However, be extra cautious while cleaning a large amount of fur since it may end up clogging the pipes.


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#5. Old toothbrush

For a few stubborn strands of fur, you can use an old toothbrush lying around in the house. But, this can be only used to remove hair from a small portion of the sofa since you cannot spend the entire day cleaning the whole sofa with a small piece of brush, can you?

These were just a few methods for pet hair removal from your furniture. Follow any of them and your couch will be as good as new. 


Just keep in mind that cleanliness starts from the pet itself and like they say, prevention is better than cure. Groom your pet on a regular basis, give haircuts and cover your furniture properly. This will not only keep your furniture clean but will also keep your house clean.


  1. That is a great tips on how to remove pet hair from furniture. The damage that have been done by my pets hair to my furniture was just to great to not take a good look into it.

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