7 Things To Do When Moving To A New City

Bagged a new job? Want to live in your dream city?

Whatever your reason may be for the big move to a new city, it can be a little overwhelming. A lot of us uproot our lives to move to a new city to live the life that we truly wish for. Thanks to the advancement in technology, it has become a lot more convenient to move to a different city, without too much hassle.

Before you make the big move, you are going to go through an ocean of emotions. Ensure that you are physically, mentally and financially prepared for the move.  

Here is a list of tips for moving to a new city:


1. Budget for the move

Moving to a new city can turn out to be an expensive affair. You need to figure out the expenses involved in relocation. Fret not! Begin with creating a basic spreadsheet. Make an exhaustive list of the expenses such as relocation of your furniture, security deposit, rent for the new house, and the initial cost of food, travel, etc. This will prepare you for the financial impact the move will have on your savings. 

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While you are at it, also research the cost of living in the new city and calculate how your new salary will affect the budget and your ability to save. 


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2. Social life

Now, all of us are used to having our friends or family around us. That changes when you move to a new city! You may or may not have a group of friends waiting with their arms wide open in the new city. But, don’t you worry. Begin with exploring your contacts and list of friends living in your new city. Be open to meeting friends of friends as well. You can also explore your alumni network or past work connections. Seek out people you might easily connect with and make an effort to know them better. These friendships might go a long way in an unknown city. 


3. Finding the perfect house

Even if your new job provides you with accommodation for a few days, do not procrastinate house-hunting. Be proactive, get in touch with your connections in the new city, do some research online and lock down the neighborhood you want to live in. Once that is done, connect with a few real estate brokers, rake the internet for available houses and then finally move to the new city. 

This way, your first few days won’t pass in a haze running around the city looking for your dream abode.


4. De-clutter

This big move is a wonderful opportunity for you to de-clutter your entire household. Starting with your wardrobe, and the random carton box under your bed to all the unnecessary items in the hidden drawers around the house, discard everything that you don’t need. Give it away, sell it off or just trash it. You will feel a weight lift off your shoulders and of course, do some good to others in the process. 


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5. Research weekend getaway options

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! It is very important to be aware of all the weekend getaway options near the city you are moving to. Roll up your sleeves and do some research. Cover the what, where and how to reach. We assure you, it will come in handy when you are feeling blue in the new city and need a break. 


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6. Learn about transportation

One of the things to consider when moving to a new city is your daily commute to and fro work. If you are taking your own vehicle, then figure out the route and the expenses you’ll have to incur if you move your vehicle to the new city. Figure out the parking situation at your new accommodation. 

If you plan to use public transportation, figure out your available options according to your needs and convenience. Find out the frequency of buses/metros/local trains between your house to your workplace so that you are at ease when you finally get there.


7. Create a bucket list

Often the move leaves us overwhelmed and we get stuck in the daily routine of work and socializing. Create a bucket list well in advance, of the things you wish to do and explore in the new city. This will give you a lot of things-to-do and acquaint you with the city and its culture. Try the street food everyone has been talking about and visit the monuments that take you through the history of that city. 

If you are thinking about how to establish yourself in a new city, these tips for moving to a new city alone will make the whole process easier and more enjoyable! 


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  1. Thanks for reminding me that we shouldn’t procrastinate house-hunting and prioritize this before moving into a new city. The lease in my current place will be ending in a month and I’m supposed to find a new flat by then. I’ll follow your advice and look for rental properties online before hiring local movers to help me with my move.

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