6 Furniture Maintaining Hacks To Keep It Looking New And Fresh

Buying a new piece of furniture requires a great deal of planning which can be both time-consuming and heavy on your pocket. A sparkling piece of furniture not only adds to the aesthetic and ambience of the room but also speaks a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to give it some extra love, care and attention. If you are like us and do not have the time to commit to maintaining furniture, renting is the best option for you. RentoMojo offers free maintenance and annual deep cleaning services to its customers. This way, you can avoid all that extra trouble and cost of maintaining your furniture. 

However, if you already own some pieces of furniture, then here are some easy furniture maintaining hacks to keep them looking new and fresh.


1. Get the basics right!

Nobody likes to see their beautiful pieces of furniture covered with layers of dust. Schedule your cleaning sessions and try your best to stick to it. Make dusting and wiping a weekly routine to keep your furniture’s shine and polish intact. This is the most basic step among the various furniture maintenance tips and hacks. Moreover, you must also ensure that things like cushions, table cloth and other complementary accessories used to make the furniture look complete are also cleaned on a regular basis.


2. Sunlight is a big NO-NO

Be extra cautious while placing your wooden furniture in the house. It should not be overexposed to the sunlight for a prolonged period because it can result in spots. To avoid spots on your furniture, place them in a place where there is minimal exposure to sunlight or protect it with a tablecloth to mitigate the effect.


3. Fight off the stains

Sometimes, we avoid stains for days, especially the water stains because we are too lazy and think that they can be cleaned on the weekends. These stains diminish the aesthetic appeal of the furniture. They are formed from glasses or other containers that carry hot or cold water. Use the non-gel toothpaste to remove these with the help of a soft cloth.


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4. Tackle the odour problem

As the furniture starts getting old, its drawers and inner cabinets can have an odour problem. Leave some coffee beans inside the cabinets overnight or a bowl of bleach for a week or more to bid goodbye to the pungent odour!


5. Say tata to termites!

Termites are usually drawn to the moisture content in wooden furniture. To prevent this, always use the dry cloth while dusting and cleaning. You can also use wood polish or just use a mixture of aloe vera gel and olive oil with vinegar. To protect your furniture from termite, dip a clean cloth in the mixture, squeeze the excess out, and wipe it.


6. Maintenance is better than repair

Maintenance is always better than damage repair just like prevention is better than cure.  

By following the above mentioned easy furniture maintaining hacks, you can protect your precious pieces of furniture from unnecessary damage and reduce the cost of repair by huge margins.


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