Say hello to Flexi-tenures!

Hey there! In case you’ve ever wondered about which tenure to pick or what to do if you love our furniture and need to keep them for longer, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about our tenure options, including the all new Flexi-tenures.

What is the best tenure for me?
The longer you rent for, the more you save on monthly rentals. Our Flexi-tenures help you choose basis your requirement and budget.

What if I want to extend my tenure?
Please get in touch with our Customer Care team 2 weeks before your contract expires and request for an extension. You can extend your tenure as per your convenience. For example, if you need a bed for 11 months, you can choose the 9-month tenure and extend by 2 months at the same monthly rental value.

What happens if I want an early cancellation of my tenure?
You can request for early termination of the contract by informing us 2 weeks prior to your preferred closure date. You would need to pay the difference in monthly rental rates between your ‘Contract tenure’ (the tenure selected at order placement) and ‘Actual tenure'(effective tenure at early closure)

Month of closure 1-3 3-6 6-9 9-12 12-18 18-24
Applicable rent as per tenure Full 3 months rental due 3 months rent 6 months rent 9 months rent 12 months rent 18 months rent

For instance, if you rent a bed on a 12-month tenure @ Rs 500/month, and return it in the 7th month. Your ‘Applicable tenure rate’ would be for a 6 months tenure (@ Rs 700/month). So, at early closure of 7 months you pay:
You have already paid – Contract tenure rent x 7 months = 500 x 7 = Rs. 3500 & you pay (Actual tenure rent – Contract tenure rent) * No. of months till date , which is, (700 – 500)*7 = Rs 1400 difference.

Can’t wait to try out the amazingly flexible services? Start renting now!

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