“My dog died.”

“I am on my periods.”

“I’m feeling really sick. I might catch the flu.”

“Damn, this headache is killing me!”

Sounds familiar? In spite of the big fat yearly subscription fee you paid for the gym, your pot of creativity brews with different excuses to miss it in every way possible. This is further aggravated when you realize you can’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans anymore.

It’ll probably be a week or a month before you realize you had subscribed to the gym amidst your busy schedule. But somehow, you still need to shed those extra layers to get back in shape and into your favorite jeans. How else would you fulfill your midnight cravings without any guilt?

The best way to staying fit despite having a hectic schedule is by having a good home workout routine up your sleeve. Here are the top five best home workout plans to help you get started, without any hassle!


#1. Jump, skip, hop; just don’t stop

A warm-up to start the routine can involve jumping jacks, swings, push-ups, and lunges for about 20 minutes to warm your body up. This is the best at-home workout for beginners to get started. Don’t forget to stretch yourself to prepare for the workout session further. A non-stop routine for the entire duration can give you an instant health boost and help you loosen up, as well as prepare you mentally to go on with the routine and proceed to the next step.


best home workout plans

#2. Bodyweight workout is what the next step is about

An at-home workout plan is a must for bodybuilding and weight training. A bodyweight workout plan should comprise of 10 reps of push-ups, 10 reps of bodyweight squats, 10 walking lunges of each leg, and a 15-second plank for the tightening of your core. This bodyweight workout is a must for home-workout routines to achieve basic fitness goals. If followed religiously, this routine can do wonders.


#3. Bell the cat or dumbbell it?

Lifting weights is the best way for you to tone and shape your muscles. It’s also one of the most common home exercises to lose weight and stay fitter. It’s important to have proper fitness equipment like dumbbells to proceed with a good weight training session. Dumbbells can be used for overhead squats, and weight lifts for toning or even dumbbell swings. Dumbbells are the best add-ons to any exercise, especially since they add an element of rigor and toning to your workout. 


best home workout plans

#4. Pump up with a level up

High-intensity workout sessions add a metabolic element to your workout as they are rigorous and energizing. As these workouts require a high level of stamina and activeness, a series of different activities involving physical workouts can be lined up for this session. Activities with varying intensities like swimming, jogging, cycling, or running can be followed in a sequence and backed by burpees for a rigorous workout routine. This highly intensive workout is also one of the best ways to lose weight quickly. 


#5. Grab every opportunity to move your body

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk down the road to buy your milk and eggs rather than driving down, cycle down the lane in your free time rather than sitting in front of the screen. Find each and every opportunity in your everyday lifestyle to exercise in some way or the other, and you’ll be fit as a fiddle forever. If you’re still not convinced about working out at home, here’s something to make it sweeter.


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Last Update: December 5, 2023