7 Bachelor Pad Essentials For Every Twenty-something’s Man Cave

Renting a house and living by yourself is a milestone that every millennial guy wants to hit. Before even moving into the house, the planning begins from hosting a house party, movie night with a special someone or celebrating the new phase on a games night with your best buddies.

If you’re looking to transform your good ol’ apartment into a swanky man cave, here are seven essentials you need to get your hands on.

Bachelor pad essentials:

bachelor pad essentials

Bachelor pad essential #1: Load up on games

Be it a pool table, foosball table or dartboard—games like these are a must-have in your bachelor pad. If you are into board games, you can have games like Jenga, battleship, poker, monopoly, etc. Having a heart-to-heart conversation with your buddy over a game of Jenga or while throwing darts is priceless.

Bachelor pad essential #2: Bring in the big screen

It’s 2019, and movies and sports have never looked as spectacular as they do on the 55-inch HDMI TV. Don’t settle for anything less while picking your television. Having a big screen television is not only great for movie nights and watching your favourite team score a goal, but it also makes your gaming experience much better. Just connect your PS4/Xbox and you have the perfect way to spend your long, lazy weekends. And, for that little cherry on top, add a recliner and there you have the perfect corner for gaming and watching movies.
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Bachelor pad essential #3: Add space-saving furniture

When you have so many spaces planned out for your apartment, functional pieces of furniture take a back seat. Smartly use the little space left for your regular furniture. Instead of a normal couch, get a sofa cum bed. Don’t have space for a dining table? Get a center table that turns into a dining table when you pull the chairs out. This way you can entertain friends and also, save space.

Bachelor pad essential #4: Amp it up

No bachelor pad is complete without a boom box or some really good speakers. This is going to be your ultimate source of entertainment while you are working from home, gaming or having a house party. Invest in a really good speaker and all your parties are going to be extra awesome.

Bachelor pad essential #5: Stay ever-ready for house parties

To be ever-ready for house parties, you need to have a good-looking bar unit and, of course, a refrigerator that will keep your bottles of beer chilled. Get yourself a refrigerator and if you want to make your bachelor pad cooler, get a mini fridge and place it in your living room where your chilled beer cans are easily accessible.
Also, if your house parties tend to turn into a stayover, a microwave will come in handy. After the hangover, it is easier to heat up the leftover pizzas from the previous night and eat those rather than cooking up breakfast.

Bachelor pad essential #6: Build your cozy reading corner

If you are an avid reader, get a big bookshelf and fill it up with books because apart from taking you to a different world, this will cover a big part of the wall and add to the aesthetic value of your house. To start off, fill up a whole shelf with comic books and other book collections like ‘The Godfather’ series, ‘Game Of Thrones’ series, ‘Lord Of The Rings’ series, etc.

Bachelor pad essential #7: Create the man cave vibe

And lastly, a man cave isn’t a man cave without the right kind of decor. Keep the color scheme simple and add a lot of rustic or eclectic elements depending on your style. To add in more decor elements, get your hands on posters and prints depicting your favorite sports team, movies, TV shows, musicians, quotes, and anything that catches your attention. You can also display your collection of favorite action figures. Personalize it as much as you want to and let it exude your personality.
Or just stick to your style, break the stereotype and do what makes your soul happy.


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