5 Reasons Why Chennai’s Culture Is The Most Unique

Just as the sun shines high and peeks through the tides of the ocean,
The sound of the waves hits the shore, each wave like a curtain
Reflecting the sun in the most beautiful ways.


Your mouth will drop in awe as your heart flutters,
Just as the butter drips from the triangular conical piece of dosa,
As you dip it into an array of chutneys with mouth-watering sambar without amiss,
All the way from the mouth to your heart.


Haven tastes exactly like this. Chennai is the city that makes you fall in love with its culture as you experience every bit of it.

Chennai culture

1. Namma Chennai ishtyle

While Chennai has got a style of its own, the culture of Chennai stands out by itself. The rich heritage of Chennai culture is defined through the classical form of dance and music⁠—Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music. These art forms are celebrated with grace and passion throughout the city and performed in various festivals and Utsav’s in its most glorious form. Margazhi is a five-week music season in December that witnesses the best of Carnatic musicians across their country exhibiting their talent.



Chennai culture

2. A beachy affair

Many visit Chennai for their gorgeous beaches. Popular beaches like the famous Marina beach is meant to be experienced. Beaches in Chennai are always bustling with energy with fishermen dashing around in their boats and fitness enthusiasts jogging, running, or even playing a sport. The evenings are ever buzzing with families and friends relaxing on the sand or enjoying a fritter or bajji with some sugarcane juice. Elliot’s beach in Besant Nagar is the beach to go to if you want to enjoy a soothing and peaceful evening by the waves. It is surrounded by the best eateries and cafes in the locality, making it a major attraction for the youth.


Chennai culture

3. Chennai Express

If you adored the movie ‘Chennai Express’, there’s a lot more to the rich culture and history of the city to explore. The Chennai Central Railway Station is one such prominent landmark in the city with a blend of both Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The station is also the busiest in South India and also has the distinction of having the longest name among other stations in the Indian Railways.


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4. Culture of the Gods

The harvest festival—Pongal is one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated in Chennai.  The festival is observed over four days and is a way to thank the Sun God for the well-being of the farmers and agricultural wellness throughout the year. The popular dish made of rice, also known as ‘Pongal,’ is often cooked in households and is offered to the Sun God during this festival.


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Chennai culture

5. Feasts and festivities

The one thing about the Chennai culture that remains untouched is the unique and pure art forms, never seen before. They narrate a story of their own through their performances that will leave you awestruck. The Tamil New Year, which falls amidst April is also celebrated with great pomp and joy. The women of the household decorate their courtyards with a ‘Kolam’- a design made out of colorful rice flour. Since it falls during the mango season, various delicacies and spices are made out of the fruit too. 

If you just moved to Chennai and you’re still trying to live the Namma Chennai culture, here’s how you can set up your new life without any hassles.

  1. Awesome Read! Enjoyed reading this. Chennai has always been our favorite travel destination. It has a lot to offer for tourists. Thank you for sharing this! Looking forward to reading more of these!

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