10 Home Cleaning Hacks To Help You Save Time And Energy

We have all gone on a crazy weekend cleaning spree. It feels so good to see the end result—a spic and span, well-organized house! 

But, within a few weeks, the house starts to look like it hasn’t been cleaned in ages. The thought of putting in that many hours yet again to clean up the house is daunting. Well, home cleaning need not be a time-consuming task that breaks your back. 

We are here to share a few home cleaning hacks that’ll help you save time and energy.

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1. Get rid of clutter

The first and foremost home cleaning hack is to de-clutter. Go through all your clothes, stationeries, bills, cosmetics, and that drawer filled with random things. Get rid of anything that you haven’t used in the last six months. You can choose to discard, donate, or sell these items. Doing this will make it easier for you to keep your house organized. 

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2. Dedicate a place for every item

Now that your home is clutter-free, it’s time to start organizing everything. Most of the time, things are lying around here and there because we don’t know where to put it. Dedicate a place for every item you own, starting from a tiny screw to your big winter blankets. Ensure that you store these items in a way that is easy to access. This is crucial to keep your house organized. 


3. Create a schedule

A cleaning schedule will not only help you get organized, but it also helps you stay on track. Write down the things you need to clean daily and the ones you need to clean weekly. Planning these weekly tasks on a single day of the week might overwhelm you. Spread these tasks across the week to keep your weekends free. 


4. The messy shelf

home cleaning hacks

Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S had that one secret cupboard where she could dump all the random things and look at how clean and organized her house was! In the same way, we all need a space where we can dump all random things. No, we aren’t asking you to dedicate one whole closet for all the mess but maybe, a drawer, a basket, or a shelf. How will this help? When you don’t have the tie to skim through certain things, you can put it in your messy shelf and then go back and sort it out when you have the time. Just make sure that you don’t let that spread over to other shelves or drawers.


5. Appliances for the rescue

With our busy schedules, it can sometimes get too hectic to do all the household chores. Invest in good-quality home and kitchen appliances that’ll make your life more comfortable. Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc., will reduce your chore time in half. This home cleaning hack will let you spend all the extra time on keeping your house clean and organized. 

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6. Make a 15-minute playlist

Cleaning the house is one of the most tedious tasks. We need the motivation to get things organized. Make a 15-minute playlist that consists of your favorite songs. Put on the playlist and get to cleaning. Do as much as you can during those few minutes. This will ensure that your everyday cleaning is done in just 15 minutes while grooving to your favorite numbers. Before you know it, you’ll have a cleaning dance routine for yourself.


7. Keep cleaning supplies handy

A lot of times, you’ll find yourself wanting to clean off some dust or stains on your furniture, but you don’t do it because you are too lazy to get up and get a dusting cloth. An easy solution would be to keep a dusting cloth in every room. Keep one under the coffee table, one in your nightstand drawer, next to your study table, and near your dining table. This way, anytime you see some dust or stains, you won’t have a reason not to clean it.


8. Clean up immediately after use

home cleaning hacks

Most of us have the habit of using something and leaving it right there. We rarely put it back in its place. Cultivating the habit of putting things back after use is crucial to ensure your home remains clean and organized. It will take just 2 minutes (or lesser) to put things back in its place. Wiping down your kitchen countertop as soon as you finish cooking, doing your dishes after your meal, putting back your nail cutter after you’ve used it; these home cleaning hacks will cut your cleaning time in half.


9. Don’t walk out empty-handed

Every time you leave a room, take a quick glance to see if you need to keep something back in its place. Pick up those things and put them back where they belong. For instance, if you’re walking out of the living room, take that empty coffee mug, the journal, or any other thing that doesn’t belong in the living room and put it away. 


10. Make it a habit

Follow these home cleaning hacks consciously for a few weeks, and you’ll get into the habit of cleaning up as and when required. It’ll help you reduce your cleaning time, and you can use those 15 minutes to finish a lot more. 

home cleaning hacks

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