Whether you are hosting a house party, having a get-together, staying in to relax or just to feel calm, there’s one thing that you definitely need to keep in mind—a clean and organized house! This can only be possible if you get into the habit of deep cleaning your house once in a few months. 

Let’s face it, getting excited about deep cleaning is close to impossible unless you are Monica Geller. Deep cleaning an entire house is not as easy as it may sound. It requires motivation, proper planning, and of course, efficient execution. But, fret not! We are here with 6 rules that you can swear by to make the overwhelming task of deep cleaning as easy as it can get.


Rule No.1: Turn the ‘do-it-yourself’ to ‘do-it-ourselves’

Before you begin, you must ensure that all family members are involved in the task of deep cleaning. It is not a one-person job and should not be done that way. Gather your family members and motivate them, perhaps make this a family tradition that is ought to be done together. Delegate everyone tasks as per their strengths and interests. Appreciate each other’s work and treat yourselves at the end of the day. 


Rule No.2: Don’t break your back

Don’t do everything in one go. Recognize and respect your body’s limits and do one segment every weekend. This will help you save yourself from the mammoth task of cleaning everything in one go and also give you the opportunity to actually dedicate time to various parts of your house. It’s best to space it out as kitchen deep cleaning and utility area deep cleaning will take quite a while.


Rule No.3: Divide and conquer

Start with one room at a time. Move out the furniture and clean the room thoroughly. Follow this simple process as you go from one room to the other—de-clutter, clean, arrange, and decorate! This process is an efficient way to ensure that nothing is left unattended. Dedicate enough time to each room. You will be left with a great sense of accomplishment as you finish deep cleaning a room completely.


Rule No.4: De-clutter to de-stress

We just cannot emphasize more on this. De-clutter your wardrobe, your kitchen, your cabinets and drawers, basically anything and everything around the house. Throw away useless bits of paper, unnecessary bills and clothes that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Get rid of that old piece of furniture that does not match any part of your house. This will instantly make your house more organized and spacious. 


Rule No.5: Being practical is key

It is very easy to get lost in memories of items once you start deep cleaning. You come across things from the past that brings their own wave of nostalgia and before you know it, a day of carefully planned cleaning regime goes for a toss. Take some time to reminisce, but don’t lose track of time. You can also book home deep cleaning services to take some load off your shoulders and give you the satisfaction of getting your house deep cleaned by professionals. 


Rule No.6: Do it the easy way

Not a fan of elaborate cleaning plans? We are at your service. RentoMojo offers the smart and time-saving convenience to rent all your home necessities and get annual maintenance on those products. No need to sacrifice all those weekends cleaning every piece of furniture at your place.


deep cleaning
Once you are done with deep cleaning, get creative and add a few decorative pieces, new linens and upholstery or perhaps lamps to further brighten the house.

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Last Update: September 5, 2023

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