10 Bedside Table Essentials You Must Have

The secret to a good night’s sleep is a decluttered, clean environment. It might not be the reason for your deep sleep, but it definitely contributes to a peaceful time before sleeping and after waking up. To create a relaxed environment, start with bedside table essentials. An organized bedside table can save you the trouble of getting out of bed again and again after you are happily tucked in. Keep your bedside table well-stocked and clutter-free. But, how do you strike the balance between the two?

Here are our picks of 10 bedside table essentials you can add to your bedside table that won’t crowd it up and will make your life so much more comfortable.

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1. Lamp

bedside table essentials
A table lamp is going to be the largest piece of accessory on your table. Choose a lamp that complements the colors, decor and style of your bedroom. Love reading a book in bed? Go for a reading lamp.



2. Book/Kindle

bedside table essentials
One of our favourite ways to unwind after a long, tiring day is getting into our pajamas, cozying up in bed and reading a book. Tip: Make your bed a no-phone zone. It’s always better to stop looking at screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed.


3. Notepad & pen

bedside table essentials
A notepad and a pen may not seem like a traditional essential on a bedside table, but you can jot down all your midnight inspirations, ideas, dreams, important tasks or favourite quotes from the book you are reading.


4. Skincare

bedside table essentials
Moisturizing your body before bedtime is a great habit. Having a few skincare products like a hand cream, foot cream, chapstick and under-eye cream, on your bedside table is a gentle reminder to hydrate your skin, especially if you have dry skin or during winters.


5. Tray/Bowl

bedside table essentials
Keep a tray or bowl on your bedside table to store knick-knacks like jewellery, hair clips, breath mints, etc. It keeps your bedside table from looking cluttered and messy.


6. Reading glasses

bedside table essentials
While reading or when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you are going to look for is your reading glasses. Keep them in one particular place on your bedside table where it is easily accessible.


7. Water bottle

bedside table essentials
Imagine waking up thirsty at night and not having a water bottle next to your bed. Keeping a water bottle on your nightstand can save you the long walk from your bed to the kitchen and back.


8. Google Home

bedside table essentials
If you aren’t a bedtime reader, you may be tempted to bring your phone with you to bed. Instead, get a Google Home and place it on your bedside table. It works as a speaker, alarm clock, a source of entertainment and personal assistant.

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9. Snacks

bedside table essentials
If your midnight cravings make you get out of bed most of the nights, the best solution is to keep a jar of dry fruits next to your bed. You can curb your sugar cravings or hunger pangs by eating dry fruits and of course, it is healthier!


10. Relaxation accessories

bedside table essentials
There are numerous products available in the market that can help you sleep—singing bowl, pillow sprays, diffusers, etc. Keeping something that works for you can help you relax and fall asleep faster on the days when you are just tossing and turning.


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