Home Organizing Ideas, The KonMari Way

Lost your recipe book in piles of books and papers? 

Can’t spot your favorite dress amidst heaps of clothes?

Have all your accessories stacked up, yet can’t find your favorite bracelet?

When the only collective noun to describe your home is piles, heaps, and stacks, you know its time to get your hands busy with some home organizing ideas. And finally, the quintessential question that tops the list of procrastination, “Where do I even start?”

If you’ve been asking the same questions and need a little pinch of magic dust around your house, the KonMari technique is just what you need.

The KonMari technique is a popular minimalism-inspired approach to decluttering your stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room. This technique was etched by Marie Kondo, who established herself as a cleaning consultant with this technique. The KonMari technique is such a simple process, that one might even imagine why they didn’t think of it first! 

For instance, if you were looking for living room furniture organization ideas; you can begin by gathering categories in the room. All the books that you find lying sprawled across the couch are to be arranged in the little shelf meant for books, as with the papers and the rest of the miscellaneous items. As you sift past your entire house with this technique, you will realize that not only have you discovered unique storage ideas for small spaces; but you’ve found a magical yet simple method to declutter and organize your home too.

Here are three mantras you should remember while decluttering your house, KonMari style!


#1 Categorize and prioritize

Home organizing ideas

Divide and rule was a well-known policy in politics and sociology. Surprisingly, the application of this policy holds good here too! Categorize your stuff into books, clothes, papers, or items with sentimental value and other miscellaneous items. It’s important to commit and tidy up, as it’s is the first step towards the KonMari method. Remember, you need to prioritize the importance of each item and make a decision for them. 


#2 Shush the devil

Home organizing ideas

The little devil called nostalgia that’s attached to various items will pull you into the black hole of emotional drama, and prevent you from discarding items that you don’t need anymore. Instead, imagine the lifestyle of your dreams and make sure you do away with everything unnecessary, takes space, and gathers dust. After all, the devil is to be silenced, fought, and conquered as you declutter!


#3 Eliminate once you bifurcate:

Home organizing ideas

The most difficult part is when you need to hold yourself together to decide on all the items to be stored and discarded. Deal with each category’s clutter and do away from the chunk as you move ahead to a brand new decluttered way of living. Remember, tidy by category and always follow the right order of category. 


The magic of organizing your home and getting rid of the clutter is like moving into a new house all over again and being excited about finding the perfect set-up to match the home of your dreams. Have you ever imagined how exciting it would be to give your house a makeover occasionally? If you’re bored of the same look and feel, it’s time for a refresh. Add a fresh element of magic to your home, try RentoMojo. Happy decluttering!



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