4 Reasons Why Gurgaon Is The True Millennium City Of India

Gurgaon is not the Farmers’ land anymore. It is a land of powerful and influential businesses, sprawling skyscrapers, a hub for start-ups, shopping malls, cafes, urbanized lifestyle with countless clubs and nightlife—in a nutshell, everything that Millennials desire.

Gurgaon is emerging as the most prosperous city in the country. Private as well as government players are rushing to cash in on this urban opportunity called Gurgaon. The city has received massive investments in the past decade to enhance road infrastructure, construction of residential areas and exclusive business venues. Gurgaon is enjoying the limelight of the country and has transformed itself into a global city in no time.

Here is a list of reasons why Gurgaon is truly the new Millennium City of India:



#1. New business capital

Bangalore and Mumbai have enjoyed being the business and startup capitals of our country for a long time, but space crunch has proved to be a deterrent in their growth. On the other hand, Gurgaon has a huge scope of expansion and enjoys proximity to the National capital of the country. These factors have accelerated the growth of the city. Most of the businesses are moving from Delhi to Gurgaon due to limited supply and high prices. 

The infrastructure of the city and ease of access is what attracts these global enterprises to open offices in the city. 



#2. Luxurious lifestyle

With some of the biggest businesses in the country moving to Gurgaon, millennials are making their way into this city. This has led to the construction of elite residential areas, shopping malls, recreations and business parks. The city experiences high demand for luxury cars and luxury retail brands which translates to overall economic growth. 

Carrying forward this trend, Gen Y also wants a comfortable lifestyle. This becomes easy with service providers like RentoMojo. They give you the option to lead a comfortable life with minimum expenses. The city provides an improved quality of life as compared to many other metropolitan cities in India.


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#3. Social scenario

Gurgaon is buzzing with highly paid youth and influential business families who have developed impeccable preferences for a social lifestyle. The city is home to some of the best clubs, exquisite luxury restaurants, and hotels. The crowd is classy, energetic, trendy and truly upscale. 

Cyber Hub and Sector 29 in Gurgaon have become the place-to-be with clubs like Soi7, Factory by Sutra among others. Aerocity is not just about five-star and business hotels, it has also drawn the interest of restaurateurs due to the premium location and ease of access. 


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#4. Infrastructure

With sprawling roads, highways, underpasses, and overpasses, Gurgaon has been positioned as a cosmopolitan city. Moreover, equipped with India’s first intelligent traffic system, Gurgaon will experience better control and navigation of traffic, making travel during office hours much easier. These technological and infrastructural advancements are leading Gurgaon to be the true millennium city of India.


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