6 Happening Festivals in Pune You Can’t Miss

She’s ‘The Queen of The Deccan’,

The ninth most populous city in the country, you reckon.

Also known as the ‘The Oxford of the East’;

Pune is just the place for you to feast;

Well, not just for the tummy, but for the eyes too.

She’s the cultural capital of Maharashtra;

And a city whose festivals will leave you in woo.

Pune is more than just the place, it’s the people.

The Cultural Capital-Pune lives up to its title and celebrates it in style. The festivals in Pune are something you can’t miss. Here’s a checklist below of the different types of festivals in Pune that will get you swaying at just the thought of it.


festivals in pune

#1. Khaana Khazana

Beep beep! Here’s a food alert for all the foodies in town. The food festivals in Pune are one of the biggest. World Dhaba – Pune’s finest and biggest food fest with around 50+ stalls, coming soon with its fifth edition this year. As the name suggests, ‘World Dhaba’ brings to you the authenticity and flavors of the globe on a platter.
Hold that drool right there until February and make the most of this fest. Prepare for another treat with ‘The Foodiekar Fest,’ as it brings a treat for all the vegetarians in the city. This three-day foodgasm is due for the mid-week of November.


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#2. Picture abhi baaki hai

If you haven’t experienced the film festivals in Pune, your story is undoubtedly incomplete. The Pune International Film Festival is an annual event that brings together the actor, directors, and individuals from the industry on a single platform to flaunt their talent on the big stage. If you’re filmy and you know it, save the date in January; because this is one festival you can’t miss!


festivals in pune

#3. Wo Sureeli Raatein

The one thing that undoubtedly unites the country is music. It’s the language of love and unspoken words that expresses one’s feelings in the most beautiful way possible and brings everyone together. The ‘NH7 Weekender’ is one of the best music festivals in Pune. The event is known for the fusion of Indie and EDM bands at one single place, at one single moment triggering a musical storm never seen before. The music festival is usually held in the first week of December in Pune. Also, another famous event, ‘VH1 Supersonic’, is known to be a haven for all the hardcore EDM fans and party animals in the city. December scenes, sorted!


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#4. Sanskriti Milap ka Kamaal

Every year, Puneites come together to celebrate the city for ten days in the ‘Pune Festival.’ It brings together the best of talents in dance, art, tradition, and culture. This is one of the best cultural festivals in Pune, celebrating life and talent on one single platform, rejoicing every moment of those ten days. While it started initially on a smaller scale, today it attracts Puneites and people from all over the country in large numbers. The festival is immensely famous for its handicraft, delicacies, and eatery counters. The ‘Vasantotsav’ is another such cultural festival of Pune that brings together various artists across Sufi, classical folk and traditional art forms, which are celebrated and appreciated.


festivals in pune

#5. Kalakaari aakar pesh kiya jaaye

Flaunt that artist within you at the famous art festival of Pune⁠—The Pune Biennale. This art festival of Pune is renowned across the globe for bringing together the most creative and artistic minds. The festival is also a great networking opportunity for those in the space to meet and greet others in the same line of art. This not only spreads the word about your art but gives you exposure to world art and artists across the globe.


#6. Shopping nai kiya toh kya kiya?

Collecting a souvenir is the best way to remember a city in its best form. Pune is yet another delightful city with bright colors and different varieties of goodies hanging around in the markets and city centers. The ‘Round Table India Wassup Flea’ is one of the famous art shopping festivals in Pune. Its also one of the most looked forward festivals in Pune that has an array of more than 150 stalls. The shopping experience is further enhanced by live music setting the mood for a pleasant shopping experience.

For a city that never sleeps and it’s rightfully known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune is a beautiful place for your career and adventures. If you ever decide to move to this city, you sure won’t be disappointed. Download the RentoMojo app now to set up your new home in Pune in the most affordable and hassle-free way.

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