Why You Must Declutter Before Moving Into A New Home

Just as the sun peeks through the window blinds with a hearty kiss of sunshine, there’s nothing like waking up happy and energized to a fresh start of the day. It could be your morning cup of coffee or your favorite morning playlist, it’s that moment of happiness that sets the day right. 

Now, imagine waking up to a noisy neighborhood or waking up to a bad mood because of something very unpleasant. Imagine being cranky and annoyed most of the time, and every little thing pushes your patience a little more. When a bad start to the day affects your entire day, what about the start of a new chapter in life when you have to relocate?

As you begin a new chapter, it’s not just a great idea to declutter right before you move in but it also makes it easier to set up your new home in peace and comfort! 

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely declutter before you move-in.


#1. Plan out before you move out

It’s important to chart out timelines and schedule events to help with your relocation and other necessary details like what or what to move. Make sure to be handy with quick-fix tools, a.k.a the notepad and pen to jot down your various plans of action. Using sticky notes as reminders for each process of the plan is also a good remedy to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything at any point. This streamlines the otherwise chaotic process of moving out and breaks it down to achievable goals and cracking the code of ‘How to organize before relocating’.


#2. Chalk out categories throughout

What is planning without plotting? It’s important to chalk out the categories to work upon in lines of priority and need. Sketch out a broad framework of all the items, make a declutter checklist for moving and draft a rough plan of what goes where. This will also come in handy at times of chaos and the mind-boggling ‘What to do next?’ question.


#3. Emotion-sign of caution

We admit it. Breaking away from something that you’re extremely attached to, is the hardest thing to do. But, sometimes it’s important to listen to the mind rather than the heart; when you know some things aren’t much of a necessity but just clutter around the house. Let go of all such things for good, because it could be adding further to the unnecessary baggage and mess. Let go of that emotional lump, or your house will be nothing less than a dump!


#4. Begin, but don’t start diggin’

Declutter before moving

They say, “The hardest part is starting. Once you get out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier.” Start off with a steady pace and don’t rush into finishing everything quick. It might take some extra time but eventually, it’s a pay off in the long run when your things are in a neat and well-organized. The idea is to begin gradually and phase out the entire process rather than rushing into it. The key is to start right, and the result is sure to be in good light!


#5. Enjoy the process, don’t digress 

Set goals and rewards at the end of each goal to ensure you complete your task at hand without much ado. For instance, once you are done with the living room, treat yourself with a chocolate bar or something you love. If you make the entire process of decluttering fun, you won’t have to shudder. Playing music of your taste in the background also makes adds a little pump to your otherwise boring and monotonous task.


#6. Decide your move-in before you check-in

Declutter before moving

It’s important to plan your relocation while decluttering since you need to have a fair idea about everything you’re packing and the place to store it. This also helps you unpack easily and gives you a way forward while packing up too. Just as you bid adieu to all those good things and fond memories that made it worth, don’t forget to treat your new home with love.


Happy beginnings!


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