What you need to know before starting your first job

Your first job is a new chapter of your life and you oughtta be ready!

So you did it! You’re now out of the hustle bustle of the college life and ready to adult! After all the jittery job interviews and waiting for the HR to call you back, you got your first job – one that will be your stepping stone into the professional world. But, before you strut your stuff to the new office with a will to conquer the world, there are some critical things you should know.

It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster

Everyone in your life is going to give you tips about what you’ll face at your first job. From staying clear of office politics to ensuring the boss is always happy, your list of to dos and to don’ts will be ever increasing. However, all this information may get a bit overwhelming. Remember, you’re leaving the comforts and trial-and-error ways of college in your past and entering a stage where what you eat and where you live depends on your work.

As Indian’s there’s also always the enormous weight of expectations. For a first timer, ensuring that your parents are happy, that your boss is happy, and that you are happy can take a toll on you. How to fix it, you ask? Firstly, believe in your work. Don’t take a job that you are not passionate about. Secondly, believe in yourself. We know this sounds cliched but confidence does make things better. What’s better is if you’re confident, ambitious and excited about your first job, all that good vibe is likely to reflect in your work. Watch this video to see how your #PehliNaukri is one of the epitomes of excitement and ambitions you’ll see.


Prepare for your new lifestyle


When you start your new jobs, things will move quickly, too quickly. You won’t realise when your days start and when they end. And the best part? You are going to love this hectic new life. It offers you so much to achieve and prove to the world. But in the middle of the clamour, you might want to sort out the basics. From having to move cities to picking a new place to live in to finally furnishing that place to make it seem like home – your first job will demand all this and more from you.

Luckily, there are solutions to all these problems.

  1. Moving cities
    If you’re moving from your home town/college city to a new city, don’t carry too much stuff. Carrying your belongings intercity will only increase your expenses (even before you have your first paycheque in hand). Instead go to your new abode and furnish your new place according to your new tastes.
  2. Finding a home
    This part is really not as intimidating as it sounds. You have multiple resources ranging from Facebook groups in cities to help find both rooms and roommates, to real estate portals (like NoBroker) that can let you rent a home without going through agents. And if you’re going for the super smooth experience and have some extra bucks to spare, getting a broker might actually be the best option for you. So, choose away dear reader!
  3. Furnishing your home (and more)
    Now this is the easy bit! RentoMojo is the one stop for everything (and we mean everything) you need when you move into your new home. Be it their furniture rentals, with over 70 products, to pick from to affordable appliances on rent, it’s all covered. Their bike rentals are quite popular, especially for traffic logged cities like Pune or Bangalore. You can rent for as long as you want and the return, swap or even own the products at a fraction of their MRP. Freedom never came in a more convenient packaging.
    And the best part? All of RentoMojo offers free services like maintenance and relocation so it’s basically a future proof investment.

    Furnish Your Home

Socialize to upskill


This isn’t the 1960’s and fake-it-till-you-make-it doesn’t work anymore. To climb the current corporate ladders, it’s critical to upskill, and your first job is the place you need to start at. Here are some tips to help you with that:

  1. Never eat lunch alone
    Besides being a borderline depressive trait, eating lunch alone also means you’re missing out on the treasure trove of knowledge your colleagues can share with you. If nothing else, your fellow first job peeps could probably tell you which balls to dodge.
  2. Identify your area of growth and the people who are skilled at it
    This one’s pretty self explanatory. Identifying the area you need to grow in will help you focus on what really matters and dismiss the background distractions.
  3. Be nice (yeah, really)
    Don Draper may have been a charmer with his arrogance and rude attitude, but in the real world people actually like you better and are more likely to help you if you’re nice (surprise!)

While it’s easy to get nervous or overly ambitious in your first job, we hope our tips will make things a bit easier for you. So go out there and shine, grasshopper!

You got any cool tips of your own to share? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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