RentoMojo – Your Rental Solution

We’re here to change the way you furnish your home, office and life! 

We’ve all experienced the painful process of renting out a house or a flat in the big city. The struggle doesn’t end there, though. Slowly, but surely, you begin to realize how it’d have been better if you’d just gone for that furnished apartment instead. But wait… didn’t that furnished place cost a bomb?

If this paradox rings a bell to you, then you, my friend, are in dire need of RentoMojo!

RentoMojo is your access key to a smarter lifestyle. Wanna know the best part? It’s unbelievably inexpensive. From furniture to home appliances to bikes, we’ve got it all at the best price!

It’s time you stop spending and start renting. Everything you need for your home or office is now available on rent and within your budget.  

Why Rentomojo, you ask?

Well, because we understand that unnecessary furniture and appliance costs aren’t the best investment options. So we decided to come up with an easier solution instead.
We provide more than online rental services, we help you explore a world of possibilities. With our assured quality and prompt services, you can say goodbye to all the hassles that come with buying and say hello to convenience. We love making you happy and our three step formula to ensure your happiness is:

  1. Quick Response
    Be it assisting you with orders and delivery or ensuring timely refunds and payments, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Just give us a shout out and we’ll respond in a jiffy.
  2. Quality Assurance
    With strict quality measures in place, we are committed to providing you superior products. We refurbish all our products with utmost care to truly enhance your rental experience.
  3. Free Services
    We offer some seriously great services like free delivery, installation, pickup and relocation to ensure that you don’t have to think twice before making a big move!

Any idea where you would be working or living 2 years from now?

You might change your job, complete studying for your educational course and then what happens to all the furniture and appliances that you bought for your house? Wonder what you would do with it?

It’s a pain to carry your belongings around while moving to different cities. Is it wise to invest in buying furniture, when you have an easy option to furnish your house on rent?

Modern way of life is to rent, its SMART!


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