The ultimate guide to making right furniture choices

Picture this: You’ve just got an amazing job offer that pays you well. Like really well. Well enough for you to spare some money to enjoy yourself after your savings. There’s just one tiny catch, it requires you to move cities (and eventually houses).

“Well, that’s not really bad, is it? I mean, how much could it possibly cost to get a new house in another city and furnish it?”

We’re glad you asked. You see, moving cities often entails a hidden cost that most of us forget to take into account (or dismiss thinking it’ll not be heavy on the wallet LOL). There’s the moving expense (which includes carrying your stuff to another city) which is quite upfront. What isn’t upfront, however, is the cost of furnishing your new place.

Let’s talk numbers for a moment here. Assuming you will need to buy the basic furniture and appliances for one person, it’s safe to say that you’re looking at Rs.30,000 for the furnishing costs alone. Might we add, we’re being very conservative with these estimates. If you prefer a more upscale lifestyle with not just the basic necessities, you’re looking at anywhere between Rs. 70,000 Rs to Rs.1 Lac

Surprised? There’s more. We haven’t even started to talk about maintenance and relocation costs that pop out of nowhere and leave your wallet high and dry. On an average, maintenance costs for a year come up to Rs. 1,000 per item of furniture. While this might not sound exorbitant right now, add it to the cost of buying and you’ve got an amount that might catch Donald Trump’s eye.

Is there an alternative?

Yes. Think furniture rentals.

As “too good to be true” as it may sound, turns out there is an alternative to save all of that money and time without losing your mind.

Renting is the convenient, cost-effective way out of the Renting versus Buying dilemma.

With renting furniture, comes a lot of benefits that you might easily miss out on if you were buying new or previously used furniture. Saving on investment costs is clearly the primary benefit. However, take a look at the add-ons that help push renting ahead in this race.

  1. Great choices that are accessible NOW: With a new city already being a major hassle, you wouldn’t want to wait for comfort. With Renting, you can go from new in the city to comfy in the city with just a couple of bucks and simple steps.
  2. Maintenance made easy: We all know furniture is hard to maintain, but only if you own it. With Renting, more specifically, with Rentomojo, maintenance isn’t a chore you’ve got to worry about. You rent, we maintain. As far as win-win situations go, we don’t think it gets better.
  3. Use the money for experiences that truly matter: Want to take a dance class? Waiting to take that amazing albeit a little expensive vacation? Why not rent the furniture and simply use the money to check these items off your bucket list instead?

With multiple advantages, renting is the clear winner in the Renting or Buying debate. However, if you’re worried about not finding enough options when renting the furniture, fret not! We’ve got you covered here. Rentomojo’s designs exude just the right amount of charm and quirk, all within your budget.

So stop questioning if it’s better to buy or rent and get with the times by simply logging on to and furnishing your home with a few simple clicks.