Renting furniture and appliances online, is it finally time yet?

It’s been quite a few difficult months since the coronavirus made us stay home to ensure the safety of ourselves and everyone around us. Since then, we’ve witnessed a few lockdowns, a change of pace in life and spendings, and what can only be called the ‘new normalcy’ as we adjust and go back to living our lives amid circumstances with safety precautions and ever-changing life norms. 

But when the pandemic hit us, we were all caught off guard. Like most things, we realized the idea of spending and ownership didn’t matter as much anymore but rather saving for the distant future. The house wasn’t just a home; it was a place for everyone to be together and safe—a place that turned into a workstation while still being a cozy spot for all of us. Temporary home or not, convenience and comfort mattered more than anything else now, and that’s when we realized that the idea of renting changed the way we think and turned to be a blessing more than ever.

While the trending search for the ‘best places to rent furniture, furniture rental companies, best furniture rental’ was evident, it was apparent that people wanted a more comfortable option. We also saw an incremental rise for personal workstation furniture orders and an increase in orders for a bigger sofa or bed, microwave ovens, or even a personal treadmill for everyday fitness at home.

While renting might not be a novel concept, few basic appeals are undeniable.

Lesser spends, more savings

best places to rent furnitureWith a global economic slowdown and India being impacted, it’s important to save while you can, lest you would need it for an emergency. But you don’t have to be compromising your convenience for your personal savings. You can choose from affordable rentals and flexible tenures that don’t burn a hole in your wallet. 

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No financial commitment upfront

There’s no financial commitment upfront of any investment, down payment, or significant collateral with renting. Choose the product and rent as long as you like—as simple as that.

Comfort and convenience

Being a rental brand that focuses on customer satisfaction, comfort, and convenience have always been important to us. With multiple rental benefits and a wide range of products, you can leave all the hassles of choosing an item of your choice or maintaining it too. 

Safety for you and your family

best places to rent furnitureStrict safety protocols and precautions are now more important than ever. At RentoMojo, all our products and services go through stringent quality control, including sanitization, temperature checks, and more, to ensure utmost safety and care for you. From the warehouse to delivery—your order is safe with us. 

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