The Perfect Apartment Ideas For The Modern Indian Couple

Getting married is easy. Making a home isn’t!

If research is to be believed, the honeymoon phase in any relationship typically ends after six months. If you ask us, though, it ends the minute you try your hand at cohabitation!

While it’s commendable that more Indian couples are experimenting with live in relationships and nuclear families, building a home from scratch is never easy. If you’re one such couple who’s looking to make a home but doesn’t know how to go about it, this article is a great place to begin!

The Common Ground


OK, you love your partner — there’s no disputing that. But still, it’s a case of two different people with two distinct tastes and preferences moving into one home.

So, there are going to be squabbles — it’s inevitable. And thus, the wisest thing to do would be to let the creative one take more control. Furthermore, find a middle ground where the two of you seem to agree, and lastly, understand it’s OK to compromise occasionally for the sake of their happiness as well.

Find The Right Balance Of Space And Style


We’d all love to live in an absolutely gorgeous house, but given that most apartments in the metropolitan cities are the size of closets, that’s a tad difficult to achieve right off the bat. Throw a heap of a combination of your belongings into the mix, and you’re left with a cluttered apartment with the potential to leave you even more frustrated.

In such a scenario, multifunctional, space saving furniture could be a life saver. Apart from decorating your space, it also allows you to stow you belongings in it with ease. And if you’re worried about the kind of expenses you’ll have to incur, keep the calculator away because we’ve got you covered!

Rent Your Furniture

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, buying furniture makes little sense. Not only does the value depreciate rapidly, but if you move homes, you have to pay packers and movers a premium to have your furniture moved.

The solution? Subscribe to renting furniture for a small amount every month. Not only do you get your hands on just the furniture you need, but with additional services like free delivery, installation, and maintenance, it saves you from tons of headaches and hassles too.

What About Your Own Space?

Arguments in any relationship are inevitable, but you don’t have to literally draw an LOC. You’re a bickering couple, not two nations at war! However, it’d be wise to have a designated nook that’s yours and yours only — a safe space of sorts to cool off, perhaps?

No matter how much you love your SO, you need your own space — and depending on the size of your home, a balcony, a room, or even a desk in a nook could prove to be feasible.

And Lastly, Get Your Hands Dirty!


It’s always advisable to move into a semi-furnished or an unfurnished apartment, which means there’s always room to add more decor.

And it is your choice of decor that makes a house a home. You could always head out and pay a premium to buy stuff, but trying your hand at DIY allows you to let your creative juices flow, and bond as a couple on those oh-so-lazy weekends.

And oh, once you have the material, it’s completely free too!


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