Five Ways To Set Up Your Studio Apartment

Pssst! Don’t call it a one room kitchen. It’s a studio apartment, OK?

The perks of living in a metropolitan city in India are aplenty. Affordable housing, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. Which means, whether we like it or not, most of us often end up finding ourselves settling for a studio apartment — aka a glorified closet that’s barely larger than your office cubicle.

If you find yourself in such a predicament, then well, we empathize, and we’re here to help. If your studio apartment is making you feel increasingly claustrophobic, here are five tips and hacks to help make your space seem more stylish, spacious, and most importantly, inhabitable!

Divide Your Apartment Into More Rooms


The first thing you must do is create a division — either literally, by hanging curtains, or mentally, by creating a map in your brain.

Then, colour coordinate each ‘room’ which should help you make further psychological distinctions within the apartment. Clear out unnecessary clutter that doesn’t belong in a particular ‘room’, because an organised, neat apartment automatically looks more spacious and welcoming!

Big Furniture, More Light


Most people make the mistake of buying a smattering of small furniture, which makes the place look extremely cluttered.

Instead, try getting your hands on a couple of big pieces that will actually make your place seem more accommodating and spaced out.

And also, we all love a dark, dramatically dingy room, but save that for the evenings. During the day, make sure all the windows in the house are wide open, because that’ll make any space seem more airy. And if you’re still not sold on the idea, remember that it was God who once famously said, “Let there be light!”.

Renting Furniture Could Prove Pivotal

Why, you ask? Because subscribing to renting and the art of minimalism go hand in hand.

When you rent furniture, you’re only going to get your hands on what you need. And thus, minimalism comes into play, allowing you to decorate your space just the way you want. Furthermore, with additional services like free delivery, installation, and maintenance, it resolves a ton of your furniture related hassles as well!

Storage Could Be Open — But Make It Pretty!

clark-street-mercantile-33932-min (1)

Open storage can actually help make your apartment seem more roomy. However, that doesn’t give you license to chuck your belongings atop a stray cabinet or the refrigerator.

An organised apartment looks lovely to the eye. Stow your belongings neatly or put them on display in shelves in either your ‘kitchen’ or your ‘living room’.

And Lastly, Buy Tons Of Mirrors!

Ah, the art of illusion! Large mirrors can effortlessly ‘double’ your space — especially if they’re strategically placed. As mentioned before, light improves matters immensely. If it falls directly on a mirror, it reflects and scatters all around the room, making a place seem significantly larger than it is.

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