Big Life Changes After You Land Your First Job

Landed your first job? Congratulations, and welcome to the tricky world of adulting!

first job

The transition from being a college kid to a working professional is not a smooth one. One minute you’re a reckless mess, and before you know it, you are this adult who has a ton of responsibilities on your shoulders.

Like most things in life, these changes are also bittersweet. If you’re about to start your first job soon, here are a few things you’d want to keep in mind.


Getting a job brings a lot of changes in your life. But, the best one is that you’re no longer a free-loader. You get to eat what you like, buy the clothes you like, get back home whenever you want to. You start taking major decisions of your life—which you’ve always wanted to do, we’re sure. However, you’ll soon realize that independence isn’t really the fairyland you’d imagined it to be.

With great independence comes great responsibilities

Rent, bills, keeping your apartment clean, fixing your wardrobe, waking up early, handling your finances, buying groceries, cooking, and what not!

All in all, not exactly a doddle, is it?

Getting into “The Routine”

Wake up, make breakfast, eat, get ready, head to work, have lunch, work some more, head back home, make dinner, eat, clean, sleep—this will be your routine for at least five days a week. Unless, of course, you’re one of the unlucky ones who has to perpetually work even on Saturdays!

If you thought that was it…

first job

You are always going to be stuck between things like ‘best friend’s birthday party or getting some sleep’, ‘taking a leave for a romantic weekend or saving it to visit your parents’, ‘taking sick leave or slogging at work when you’re actually sick’.

Puts you in a spot, doesn’t it?

In the end, payday makes everything better!

Believe us when we say, it is a great feeling to be financially independent. You no longer have the fear of ‘asking’ for things because you’re in a position to buy things for yourself. You’re the architect of your own future, and the manner in which you handle your finances will play a huge role in determining just how bright it is.

So, be sure to splurge every now and then as you chase your dreams, but also save enough because rainy days always come unannounced!

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