Things You SHOULDN’T Do While Renting An Apartment

Want to land the perfect apartment? Here are some don’ts and more don’ts to help you get just that

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Independence — that thing we strive for until we realise adulting isn’t all sunshines and rainbows and riding unicorns into a utopian la la land. One of the first things you have to do as a responsible adult is renting an apartment — and if you that’s going to be a cakewalk, then well, think again.

Why? Because amongst other things, there’s a chance that you might get conned into settling for an apartment not worth the money you’re paying. So, what must you not do while renting an apartment? Well, read on to know more…

DO NOT Move In Without Inspecting The Apartment Thoroughly

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You enter the apartment and it’s love at first sight — great! But the first thing you need to do is figure out if there are any pre-existing damages, and immediately bring it to the notice of both the landlord and the broker. Are there leakages? Any plumbing issues? Mouldy walls, or paint that’s peeling off? Similarly, what about water cuts? Load shedding? Pests?

Make sure you know what you’re getting into, lest you receive unexpected shocks after signing the lease!

DO NOT Rely On Verbal Agreements

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When you do have a conversation with the landlord, seek clarifications about anything that may seem unclear or unfair. The landlord might agree in person, sure, but always get it in writing. Insert the clause into your lease, so that everything is on paper, and you have one less headache to deal with.

The landlord might seem like a nice person, but they’re still a stranger. Smarter people than you have been screwed over by better people than your landlord. Always remember that!

DO NOT Sign The Lease Blindly

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Read, reread, and reread once more. Read between the lines, and if there’s anything that seems like jargon, or confuses you, bring it up immediately and seek clarification in layman language. There’s a case of a person who signed the lease without reading it, and turns out he had to end up paying for painting and repairs once he moved out. Be wise, so as to not get the raw end of the deal!

DO NOT Buy Your Furniture

You’re living on a lease — which is only slightly better than living on a prayer. You’re at your landlord’s mercy, and you don’t even own the house — which means, at some point in the near future, you’re going to have to move out. Buying furniture costs a lot of money, but moving with furniture costs just as much, and is a massive headache to deal with.

With services like free delivery, installation, and servicing, renting your furniture from Rentomojo in a no-brainer. Not only does it save you the hassle when you move homes, but it’s an incredibly affordable alternative too!

DO NOT Treat It Like You Own The House

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There’s no problem in transforming the apartment into a snug, comfortable living space, but that’s all it should be. You’re going to leave once the lease ends, so there’s no point in making any permanent alterations that won’t benefit you once you move.

And oh, if your landlord asks you to make any repairs, unless you’ve caused the damage, refuse outright. It’s his property, and therefore his responsibility, not yours — and mention it in the lest he turns on you last minute!

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