5 Tips To Fast Better And Healthier This Ramadan

If the greasy (but delicious!) food has you worried, we have the perfect alternative

A holy period for Muslims around the globe, the month of Ramadan is special for many reasons. One of the more famous ones, of course, is the delicious, lip smacking delicacies it brings along — but given the drastic change in eating habits, it’s imperative to take certain precautions to stay healthy and fit. And if it is your goal to detox and get healthier this Ramzaan, here are five simple ways to go about it!

Stay Hydrated


Given the perpetual heat and humidity in India, dehydration will be a serious issue during Ramzan. So, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water between iftaar and suhoor. In addition to that, incorporate coconut water, coolers, and fresh juices into your ramzan diet, which will help provide important nutrients to your body throughout the day as well.

Don’t Miss The Pre-Dawn Meal (Suhoor)


Once the sun rises, you’re not going to be eating or drinking for 14 hours after — which makes it important to plan your meal accordingly. Consume complex carbs that break down slowly, or consume fibre-rich foods that will provide enough energy to function throughout the day with ease.

Avoid Processed Or Unhealthy Foods For Iftaar


Ok, sure, Iftaar meals are usually a glutton’s delight, and we don’t want to take that away from you, but Ramadan actually offers a terrific opportunity to detoxify your body. Processed and fried food will only hinder that, so avoid those, and while you’re at it, cut down on your sugar intake too. And since we’re policing your diet, might as well avoid excessive salt and caffeine too — they only make you feel thirstier.

Do. Not. Binge.

Given you’ve spent half a day being hungry, it’s easy to go all out crazy and overindulge — especially if the tastiest food is placed in front of you. However, doing so will only make you lazy, lethargic, and lead to a ton of gastrointestinal issues. Eat in moderation, and if possible, eat multiple smaller meals rather than eating the equivalent of half an elephant in one sitting!

And Lastly, Don’t Be Afraid To Stay Active!

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Fasting should’t serve as an excuse to stay slouched on your bed all day. The sleep all day and gorge meals routine will mess your body and your routine up come the end of the holy month. So incorporate light exercises in your daily routine, and it’ll actually help you become more fit and let lethargic!

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