Here’s something for the OCD in you: 3+ Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom

Tired of walking into a junkyard for a bedroom? Here are tips and hacks for a cleaner home!

The Bedroom — aka the room where you occasionally sleep, slumber, nap, and mostly, Netflix and chill. It’s also home to most of your personal possessions — some of which have a naughty habit of sneaking out of closets and drawers to a place where they don’t belong. Next you know, you’re left wondering where to begin as you gawk at a random chair with a pile of unwashed clothes while your accessories and moth-holed undergarments lay strewn all over the dressing table and bed.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, then well, it’s time to change. Here are five simple ways to make your bedroom look less like a dumpster!

Make Your Bed Everyday

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One of the worst habits (and yet, probably the most common) is not being bothered to do simple tasks everyday like putting your pillows back in place or folding your blanket.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t change their sheets for months, then well: A) That’s gross, and B) That’s probably the root cause of your cluttering problems.

Making your bed every single day and restoring your belongings to their designated space will not only will it help your room stay clean, but it’ll help keep lethargy at bay too.

Don’t Come Out Of The Closet!

What comes out, must go back in — follow this rule so that none of your clothes end up in a heap on the aforementioned chair of doom.

Furthermore, arrange everything in your closet in a systematic manner to begin with — shoes at the bottom, shirts in hangers, separate sections for tees, jeans, pants, undies, and jammies.

And remember: what’s in the closet, eventually goes back in the closet — unless you’re gay, of course, in which case, feel free to come out whenever you like. More power to you!

Store, Dump, Or Donate?

Be it old clothes, sheets, shoes, or even that wicked chair of doom — do you really need it, or are you just guilty of hoarding?

If you don’t, but it’s usable, donate it to the needy. But if it’s torn, broken, or just worn out, it’d be wise to dump it into the nearest bin.

Minimalism Is The Way Forward



Less is more — and truth be told, you only need so many things in the bedroom. A bed to sleep on, a few pillows, a blanket, a closet, and a dressing table — anything else is mostly redundant!

If you adopt the minimalistic approach, there’s no way for clutter to form in the first place. And if you’re wondering how to go about it, then well, as the next point explains, rent, and don’t buy!

…And Renting Is The Best Way To Go About It!

You might be thinking, “Wait, how do decluttering and renting furniture go hand in hand?”, but trust us when we say that there are benefits aplenty.

For starters, subscribing to renting offers hassle free services like free delivery, installation, and maintenance, which means half your job is done for you. Furthermore, you’ll only end up renting what you need, and thus, the minimalist approach will only help you have a cleaner, less cluttered bedroom!

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