Creative Ways To Make Complete Use Of Your Floor Space

Tired of living inside what seems like a closet? Here are tips and tricks to help make your small apartment seem palatial

Ask any millennial and they’ll tell you, the best part of any job is coming back to a comfortable home. However, most of us live in glorified cubicles that double up as apartments — which means we have to avoid an overflowing desk, hurdle a stray pile of unwashed clothes, and try not to kill your cat by stepping on it just to get to the washroom.

If you only have so much floor space and don’t know what to make of it, here are five points that should allow you to give a structured sense to your home.

Small Furniture = Bigger Room


Ah, illusions. Mirrors make the room look bigger than it is, and investing in small furniture works wonders in a similar manner.

What we’re trying to say is, if you need to sit, you don’t need a throne, you need a chair. Heavy furniture does the same job and takes up more space, whereas compact furniture will help make your room look less cluttered and significantly neater.

Carpets And Rugs Help


You might wonder how, but carpets and rugs in light colours actually do give the illusion of more space.

Furthermore, instead of a wall to wall carpet, get your hands on some medium-sized rugs and place them around the room. It immediately transforms a seemingly cramped space into cosy room.

Multifunctional Furniture Is The Way Forward


This one’s pretty straightforward, actually. If only have so much floor space, invest in furniture that does two jobs at once. For example, instead of buying a desk with four legs, buy one that has shelves or doubles up as a cabinet, thereby allowing you to store your belongings as well. Another option for you, if you’re looking to save money would be renting furniture from Rentomojo.

Find Ways To Declutter


One of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger is by keeping it clutter-free. Clutter makes a room look crowded and messy and you really don’t want that — so get rid of belongings that don’t need to be in the room.

If you can’t do that, get some wall shelves and find ways to store your stuff there. That way, it’s off the floor, and the room looks neater and cleaner.

Try Your Hand At Minimalism


Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean less things. If you ask it, it means having just as much stuff as you need. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need a throne to sit, and if you’re alone, you definitely won’t need five!

Place as much furniture as you need in your room, and that should work wonders too. There’s beauty in simplicity, so make that your motto and your room will look simplistically resplendent!

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