First Time Renting Tips: The Ultimate Guide For The Newbie

Finally flocking the nest? Here’s how to make your first home without breaking the bank

You graduated, got an amazing job, and probably moved cities. And now, comes the most intimidating bit — landing your own apartment. Sure, making a home all by yourself for the first time can be a tad daunting, but if you’re clever about it, there’s no reason why it can’t be a pretty smooth ride.

If you’re planning on renting an apartment for the first time, but also want to save some money in the process, here’s a short guide that should easily help you achieve just that — and more!

Budget For Everything


There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and unexpected bills. So when we say budget for everything, we really do mean everything.

Make sure you have more than enough to cover rent, electricity, grocery and phone bills, meals, everyday essentials, and a few extra thousands for other unforeseeable expenses too!

Seek Clarity


Make sure you read and reread the lease thoroughly to avoid any surprises. Make sure you know what payments you’re supposed to make.  If you notice any jargon that raises red flags, bring it up with the landlord immediately.

Speaking of the landlord, you can’t exactly pick yours, but what you can do is stay aware and informed and ensure you and your landlord are on the same page. Are you allowed to bring friends over? What about friends of the opposite sex? Are you allowed to smoke, drink, cook meat, have a pet, or even breathe as per your convenience?

Seeking clarity is imperative to avoid any confusions that might affect you during the duration of your stay.

Know Your Neighbourhood Inside Out


Speak to people who live in the area, or befriend your new neighbours to know everything about your new locality.

What’s the traffic like in your area? Where’s the closest grocery store? The closest chemist? Any takeaway restaurants that serve food at ungodly hours? Is there any sort of load shedding or water cuts that you need to be aware about?

If you want to avoid constant bombshells, it’s important to know the answers to all these questions way before you move in.

Rent Your Furniture

If saving money is on the agenda, buying your furniture outright in a rented apartment might not be the wisest idea. For starters, considering it’s your first home, you’re probably not going to be able to afford it. And even if you manage to, your stay is bound to be ephemeral — which means, you’re going to move houses within a year or two. The hassle of moving around with all that furniture is not just a headache you’ll have to deal with, but one that will burn deep holes in your pocket. Furthermore, who knows whether the furniture will fit perfectly in your new home?

With services like free delivery, moving, and installation, renting from Rentomojo not just helps you do away with all those woes, but its more than reasonable prices actually help you save more money in the long run. We have some splendid deals for you, which you can find here.

Make A Home


Just because you’re working on a budget doesn’t mean your apartment needs to resemble a near-empty cubbyhole. Transforming a house into a warm, snug home will require some effort, but it doesn’t always need to be expensive.

Source your decor from local flea markets, or better yet scour the internet for cheap decor options. And of course, if you’re a creative soul, you can always try your hand at DIY. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful you can make a space if you work hard enough on a free weekend!

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