You’re A Real Life Wonder Woman If You’re Doing These Things With A Smile On!

You self-loving, bold and confident, patriarchy slaying boss!


Inspirational, confident, free-spirited, and happy — you’d probably run out of adjectives while describing the 21st-century woman. As more women have started taking control over the reins of their lives, it’s creating a generation of ladies who are fiercely independent, strong, empowered, and often, real life Superheroes.

With Wonder Woman releasing today, it presents the perfect opportunity to discuss the makings of a real-life Diana Prince — and if you identify with any of these, you’re one who stands out from the crowd!

You’re Not Afraid To Call Out Sexism At Work

Bold and confident, you refuse to be mistreated at work, and put your foot down the minute you’re disrespected. You rightly insist that your talents and capabilities, not your gender, should define the person you are, and call out anyone who thinks otherwise!

You Manage Alone In A New City Just Fine

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Learning to be alone without being lonely is an art in itself — but the strong woman in you manages it just fine. Be it setting up a new apartment, making new friends, or even carving out a new life out of nothing — you’re not scared, and always back yourself to survive against the odds.

You Love And Respect Your Body

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No matter your body type, a strong woman doesn’t let society’s definition of ‘beauty’ define her. You love your body, and if you don’t, you respect it enough to find ways to make it better for yourself. You’re also not afraid of finding your own style — or experimenting every now and then and owning that new look too!

You Can Make Yourself Happy

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As a strong woman, you’re perfectly aware that you’re the only constant in your life. You’ve long made peace with it, and thus, you don’t have to look elsewhere for happiness. Sure, you’re compassionate and loving and always there for your kin when they need you, but you’re not dependent on anyone and can create your happiness when things go south — which is a rare and incredibly admirable trait.

And Lastly, You Always, Always Believe In Yourself

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You love yourself — not because you’re perfect, but because you’re flawed and you accept that. And that’s OK, too, because you will constantly strive to become a better person. You back yourself at all times, have faith in your abilities, and most importantly, you’re wholly independent — which is why you love yourself for the wonder woman you really are.


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