Second Hand Furniture vs. Renting – Let’s Weigh The Pros & Cons Out, Shall We?

Will you really save more money by getting your hands on second hand furniture? Here are answers to all your furniture related queries…

You’ve found the perfect unfurnished apartment and are looking to move in quickly. Great! Now comes your biggest challenge: furnishing the apartment.

Buying new furniture is obviously out of the equation, so most of us tend to head to flea markets to get our hands on what might seems like a sweet deal for a temporary fix. Only, it’s 2017 — and with renting as a ready option, are you really getting your money’s worth?

In the new age of renting, buying second hand furniture should be a thing of the past. Don’t believe us? Then well, read on and make up your own mind!

Value For Money

Everyone and their grandma knows that furniture isn’t the best investment in the world. The value of brand new furniture depreciates at a rate of knots — so when you buy a second hand piece, its value is bound to plummet even quicker.

Renting, on the other hand, allows you the luxury of handpicking the perfect piece of furniture for a small amount every month — so you’re essentially enjoying the perks of incredible furniture for a bargain!

Packing And Moving

If you buy second hand furniture, bringing it to your apartment is a task to begin with. To make things worse, once the lease runs out, you’re left with two options: either you deal with the hassle of moving the furniture yourself (which is nigh on impossible), or you pay a premium to have it moved by packers and movers.

With services like free delivery and installation, renting your furniture will do away with those issues, making moving into a new apartment seem like a breeze.


Most forms of furniture are fragile to begin with. When you buy a piece of second hand furniture, you have no clue as to how many times it has been repaired, or how the previous owner used it. For all you know, it’ll break and collapse within a week — and there’s no chance of getting your cash back either.

Renting, on the other hand, ensures that you get the best of furniture in a perfect condition — and, hypothetically, even if it is, the next point more than covers it.


Lastly, another major issue with second hand furniture is that you never know how much money you’ll have to spend to maintain it. As we mentioned before, there’s no way to know how the previous owner used it. Is it infested with bedbugs or termites? Is the wood on the verge of cracking? If you shell out an amount every month just to make sure you don’t have a bed to sleep on, then is it really worth it?

So if maintenance is an issue, renting furniture is a no brainer. Why? Because if you rent from Rentomojo, your maintenance is free. If there’s a loose hinge or a scratch or two, rest assured, our team will fix it for you, free of cost.

So, keeping everything in mind, why would you want to pick second hand furniture over renting ever again?

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