7 Reasons Why You Should Move To Bangalore

Once you come to Bangalore, you’ll never really want to leave. It’s true!

The beautiful weather, urbanization and stunning natural surroundings will hook you to this city. It is always throbbing with youthful and vibrant energy. Being the Silicon Valley of India, this place is home to zillions of young professionals and students. 

If you are indecisive about whether you want to move to Bangalore or not, don’t be! We bet you will not regret your decision. The city and its people make you feel comfortable and at home. If you move to Bangalore for your job, the nostalgia bug won’t bite you too hard. You’ll have bazillion cool things to do in Bangalore on weekends and several amazing places to visit. 

This iconic city will mesmerize you and hold your attention for all the right reasons. 


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1. No weather woes!

Bangalore is situated at a high altitude because of which the weather in this city is pleasant throughout the year. No matter how your day goes, when you step out of your office and the soothing breeze touches you, you forget all your woes. The weather is truly utopian, neither too warm nor too cold. It’s true that when you ask people what they like about the city, the first thing you’ll hear them say is ‘the weather’.


2. The power of youth

The city pulsates with young energy. The cafés are buzzing with young students and professionals during the day. As the night sets in, the pubs and lounges get more and more crowded. 

The youth of Bangalore are among the most progressive in the country. They raise their voice and are the heart of every revolution. This city is the place to be, if you wish to revel in youthful wonders.


3. Cafés, patisserie, wine, and dine

The city of Bangalore respects distinct personalities and tastes. There is something for everyone in this city. If you are a chilling-in-a-quaint-café kinda person, you’ll find gazillions of adorable cafes where you can laze and enjoy your cuppa with yummy food. If you like to bring out the wild side in you and let your hair down, the party scenes are lit. On the other hand, if you enjoy fine dining, this city offers lavish restaurants with amazing ambiences.


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4. Weekend getaways

One thing you must do in Bangalore is to spontaneously plan a weekend getaway! 

Shivanasamudra and Hogenakkal waterfalls over 100 km from the city make for a spectacular trip into the laps of heaven. If you are an enthusiast for hill stations Yelagiri hills, BR hills, Yercaud, Chikmagalur are among many hill stations surrounding the city. If you want yourself some vitamin sea, then you can head down to Pondicherry or Gokarna. The historic cities like Mysore and Hampi are a wonderful retreat from the hustle-bustle of the city. For those who are into wildlife photography, there are so many wildlife sanctuaries for you to explore in the vicinity of the city such as Nagarhole, Bandipur tiger reserve and Dandeli wildlife sanctuary among others.

As we said, there is something for everyone here!


5. Low crime rates and safety for women

The metropolitan city thriving with people from different parts of the country and belonging to various cultures is not only happening, but it is also safe. The crime rates are very low in Bangalore as compared to other cosmopolitan and North Indian states. Whether you are pub hopping or walking back home from work, you don’t need to worry about eve-teasers and lechers. 


6. The great startup culture

The startups, co-working spaces, relaxed work cultures were brought to India by none other than Bangaloreans. Overachieving young entrepreneurs and professionals have completely transformed the work scene here. You will surely get pumped and motivated if you move to Bangalore for your job. 

From Swiggy and RentoMojo to Dunzo, all these Bangalore startups go a long way in making your life much easier and comfortable.


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7. Revel in the art and culture

Bangalore is home to a thriving art and culture scenario. If you want to add a bit of drama to your life, be a part of it and ride the wave. Visit famous theatres such as Ranga Shankara, Jagriti Theatre, Chowdiah memorial hall to catch the best of theatre talents and big productions. If you are an admirer of artworks, spend your weekend at the National Gallery of Modern art, Mahua Art Gallery, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath and Sublime Galleria among others.

  1. That is a pretty rosy picture of a city that faces issues of water shortage, unplanned development, narrow roads, garbage management, corruption at all levels. Be it landlords who r here to welcome the youth by sqeezing every opportunity to charge them or the police, be it milkman or the autowala. All r here to loot. Public transport is a mess here. My advice to the youth do not leave ur homes. Put pressure on your govts to get jobs in your own states and cities. All that has been mentioned in the article is true but that is just one side of the story. Bengaluru is one of the worst cities i have lived in. The people r so corrupt that they r not hesitant to fill the only source of water which is lakes for money. Bengaluru is on its way to destroy its own traditions and vibes it had say 10 years before. So do give it a serious thought before you move to Bangalore.

    1. Just like any part of the country Bangalore has one of the worst real state market. Guidelines around Khatha of a property is not clear. Builders sell their apartments and still one day u realise the property is illegal because the builder did not obtain OC. (Occupancy Certificate).. The layouts r ill planned. Only source of water is borewells or tankers. Govt has failed to provide clean drinking water to many new areas that have mushroomed around the city. So please do not fool the youth of country further. We have been fooled for ages. Not anymore. People need to take informed decisions and we should not let them to believe in half truth. This is my attempt to potray complete truth.

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