Moving to a new city can be exciting and harrowing at the same time. It is an emotional rollercoaster. You are leaving behind your old city, friends and loved ones to experience new things in a new city. It’s not just these things, you tend to feel like you’re leaving behind the soul of your city, the air that you once breathed. With all this turmoil happening within you, there is the dreadful task of actually uprooting your life and moving to a new city. The list of chores is endless. Packing & unpacking becomes the huge elephant in the room that just refuses to vanish until you roll your sleeves up and just go at it. You also need to familiarize yourself with the new city, look for new hangout places & make your new house feel like a home. 

Fret not! It is not all that bad. There is so much more to explore in a new city. You just need to be equipped with the right apps and platforms that will make this transition process oh-so-smooth for you.


Make that new house, your cozy abode with RentoMojo.

Does your new house not feel like a home yet? Personalize and accessorize it!

Do it with RentoMojo. Rent furniture, appliances, and electronics without breaking the bank. The Smart TV that you’ve been dreaming of, will probably cost you less than what you’d spend if you went out on a fancy dinner. Furnish your house the way you want and make it feel like home.


Feeling lazy? Dunzo the errands!

All the shifting, lifting, packing, and unpacking has had you constantly on your toes. You’re exhausted and want a quick snack. Don’t agonize over it, just Dunzo it! Dunzo is a one-stop solution that runs all kinds of errands for you. It is your personal concierge which sends packages, delivers food or restaurant orders from anywhere in the city.


Moving in with roommates? Trust us and install Splitwise.

It is wise and accurate. Splitwise saves you from the awkward money conversations with your roommates. It saves you from resentment over unsettled finances and helps you keep your friendships intact! Just create an account, add your friends and toss in the bill amounts. Splitwise will equally split the amount between you and your friends. Take our word for it and install this app.


Affordable and convenient ways to commute

Are the local auto wallas already harassing you with exorbitant prices? Uber and Ola are two apps that give you the comfort of a taxi at affordable prices. They now come equipped with safety measures and quick response time, which is great! 

If you wish to drive/ride around the city by yourself, you can check out Bounce. It is an app for self-drive two-wheelers. You can also download Drivezy and Zoomcar which are apps for self-drive four-wheelers. All these platforms make your life so much easier.


Want yummy in the tummy? 

Zomato and Swiggy are two platforms without which our lives are incomplete, the sky is a little less blue and the grass is not as green. You get the drift! These two apps have completely taken over our lives. They bring yummy food at discounted prices, delivered to your doorstep while you are lazying in your jammies! They are a one-stop solution to all your untimely cravings, impromptu gatherings, after party munchings and lazy day yearnings.


Get services at home with UrbanClap!

It is not easy to find services in a new city! Be it a plumbing job, home cleaning, car washing, carpenter or electrician. UrbanClap provides all of these services at the push of a button. There is no scope of getting fooled by local service providers. Not just that, it also saves you from the headache of scouting for numbers from new padosis and clueless googling. 

These apps and a happy-go-lucky smile will do wonders and make the big move, an easy one. 

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Last Update: September 8, 2023