As the last semester nears the end of an era for all the soon-to-be graduates, there’s a certain sense of nostalgia in the air that reminds us of the good ‘ol days in college. Doodling on the back pages, talking in hushed tones on the back benches, all those last-minute submissions or rushing to college to make it on time – there’s a lot to LOVE about college. But will life ever be the same after college ends?

Before it’s too late, here’s your quintessential before-you-graduate bucket list that you ought to complete before college ends. We’ve put together the best, exciting, and fun, things to do before you graduate from college and toss the graduation hat for the last time!

Things to Do Before You Graduate From College

#1: Learn a new language

A big plus to consider if you want to opt for further studies abroad. Also, brownie points to impress your crush!

On the last day of college, life seems full of opportunities. Learning a new language means learning a skill that will last a lifetime. A new language can have a significant impact on your life, travel and even, food.
De nada, amigo!

#2: Binge at your college cafeteria

Because the college cafeteria food will be sorely missed.

Binging on all the cafeteria favourites should be one of the top things to do before graduating. However good or bad, there’s just something about the food in the cafeteria that will always be memorable. Oh, those piping-hot samosas!

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#3: Mission campus

In the bustle of making it to class every day, did you ever notice that hidden corridor in college? Think Hogwarts, think adventure.

Explore your college campus for the last time. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve missed! On the other hand, exploring the campus like a first-year student will jog your memory. The corner you used to hang out with your friends, the old cafeteria, the first classroom you entered… the list goes on. Of course, make sure to tick off these things before you graduate college. 

#4: Confess your love to your crush

Because you shouldn’t miss out on a potential relationship.

That person you’ve been trying to speak to for a while now? Perfect time to tell them how madly you’re in love with them. You can avoid this and regret that you never took the chance. Rather, take the chance. Maybe they feel the same way about you!

#5: Plan the last grad trip ever

Things to Do Before You Graduate From College

Everyone deserves a good long road trip with the squad.

One of the exciting things to do before you graduate college is to take that very trip out of the WhatsApp group. While everyone’s busy trying to adult, it’s a good idea to sit back and relax before you get ready to step into the real world. Make that trip happen that you’ve been planning with your squad. About time you finally booked those Goa tickets!

#6: Write a letter to your future self

Your future self would be proud of you.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to go on with life when there’s so much happening around. Write about all the things you want in your life and how you’d like it to turn out. Show yourself all the love and care, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Learning the mantra of self-love is exactly what you master on the last day of college life. 

#7: Have girls/boys-only night out

Just the classic girls or boys’ night out. Beer, bean bags and some video games.

Take the night out with your gang on the last day of college. Do all the things you love to do with your friends. Make it a night that will go down in the history books.

#8: Befriend a professor

Staying in touch with a professor could turn out to be your most fulfilling mentor-student relationship.

Chances are that you have one professor who’s had a significant influence on you. Thank them, befriend them and stay in touch. Also, a great help if you’re looking for a recommendation letter.

#9: Go on a solo trip

Things to Do Before You Graduate From College

Looking for that one enlightening experience that would change it all? Two words: Solo trip.

Nothing will teach you to be self-sufficient and comfortable with your own company like travelling solo. Go on, experience life by the grips.

#10: Sing your heart out

No college memory is complete without the mandatory squad song.

Nothing captures the spirit of graduation like singing those favourite tunes with your squad. Don’t forget to include the customary ‘Pyaar ke pal’ by K.K!

#11: Be part of a popular college tradition

Accomplish that hyped college tradition.

Every college has a tradition of activities that seniors have passed on to the juniors. As the torchbearers of the graduating batch, it’s your time to preserve the legacy. Get ready for the college ritual!

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#12: Take a day off for yourself

Sounds a whole lot like Ferris Bueller Part 2, but trust us.

Seizing the day for yourself is one of the essential things to do before graduation. Slow down, and experience every moment like it’s meant to be enjoyed. Maybe take a nap? You won’t get many after college.

#13: Polaroid your way

Things to Do Before You Graduate From College

Your window to picture-perfect memories.

No matter how amazing your phone camera might be, nothing beats the feel and essence of an instantly-printed photo. Memories ahoy!

#14: Pull an all-nighter

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the last time ever. And no, don’t study.

Take a trip back to the memory lane with your friends, stay up all night in the hostel, reminisce over college memories and when the morning comes, watch the beautiful sunrise from the college hostel. Some memories are priceless.

#15: Push yourself out of that comfort zone

There’s a certain life lesson in failing and winning.

Conquer that fear, be it slam poetry or inspirational speeches. Just pick that hobby you have always wanted to do before the final day of college. So, go for it! Push yourself to do that one thing you’re most afraid of. The world is your oyster.

As your college chapter comes to an end, it’s your last chance to celebrate with your pals. So, reflect and soak it in! Whether you crave nostalgia with friends or a touch of closure, there are many things to do on the last day of college. Grab your cap and gown and get ready to conquer the next chapter of your life. In case, you need to move to a new place, remember RentoMojo‘s extensive rental collection is there for you. So, best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What to do on the last day of college?

On the last day of college, capture memories with friends by taking photos around campus and attending any final events or parties. Don’t forget to collect contact information to stay connected with classmates and professors for future networking opportunities.

2. How do I start preparing for graduation? 

To start preparing for graduation, begin by creating a timeline that includes important dates for exams, project deadlines, and application submissions. Additionally, focus on building your resume and gaining relevant experience through internships or volunteer opportunities.

3. What are fun things to do before graduating? 

Before graduating, consider exploring local attractions and engaging in extracurricular activities to create lasting memories. Additionally, internships and networking events can provide valuable experience and connections for your future career.

4. At what age, should I graduate? 

You should aim to graduate from high school around the age of 18 and college around the age of 22, depending on your educational path. However, the ideal graduation age can vary based on individual circumstances and career goals.

5. What is the last day of college called? 

The last day of college is commonly referred to as “Graduation Day” or “Commencement Day.” It’s a significant milestone marking the completion of a student’s academic journey and the beginning of their professional career.

6. What crazy things you should do before graduating college? 

Before graduating college, make the most of your time by studying abroad to gain new perspectives and networking with professionals in your field through internships or industry events. These experiences not only enrich your personal growth but also significantly enhance your resume, making you more attractive to potential employers.

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Last Update: June 28, 2024