AC Or Cooler | Which One Is Right For You?

If the prickly and scorching heat hasn’t already officially welcomed you to the summers, here’s your grand welcome. The summers are here!

Unfortunately, it means dreading the sweltering heat that India is so well known for. If you don’t have an AC or an Air Cooler installed in your house already, be prepared to multiply the dread by tenfold.

Call it global warming or increased air pollution, summers are getting hotter and air conditioners are becoming an indispensable part of this weather. If you’re thinking of getting an AC or an air cooler for your home, here’s our quick guide to help you make the right decision.


When to pick an AC?

ac or cooler

Inadequately-ventilated room

An air conditioner can compensate for the lack of airflow if your room is stuffy and closed. ACs can act as dehumidifiers and improve cooler airflow within the room. In places like Delhi, this is literally a blessing in disguise!

High-rise buildings

In cities like Delhi and Hyderabad, having an apartment on the top floor is probably a nightmare. Apartments on the higher floors generally tend to heat up and trap heat all day—literally creating a furnace. An AC would be just the thing to off-set this seasonal heat wave. You can set the temperature that suits you and shut out the dust-filled dry outdoors.

Health issues & allergens

In the last few years, airborne illnesses and allergens have been on the rise; more people are becoming increasingly sensitive to airborne triggers every day. To make things worse, the fluctuating day-night temperature brings no relief from the blistering weather. Having an AC would not only cool your room but keep you healthy in the long run too!

If you find yourself ticking a ‘yes’ on the above points, an AC is your best bet. More importantly, you can get ACs with built-in air filtration systems. Thus, reducing the risk of catching airborne allergies and making your apartment not just cooler, but also safer for everyone. Allergies and temperature fluctuations usually peak in spring and autumn. Come rain or sunshine–your AC will be your best ‘cooling’ companion.

If you’re not ready to commit to an AC full time and need it just till the monsoons arrive, renting an AC is what you want. AC rentals only cost a fraction of the buying price when compared to the EMI you’ll pay to actually buy one.

When to pick an Air Cooler?

Air coolers, or as some might call them–the low-maintenance sibling of AC, are known for their portability and versatility. In recent years, coolers have undergone a major revamp and have become a popular alternative to ACs. If you’re considering an air cooler for your room, here are some pointers to help you make the right decision.

ac or cooler


Well-ventilated room

Air coolers are a convenient and affordable way to deal with warm temperatures. Air coolers work by drawing in warm air, and running it through water and ejecting a moist yet cooler air. The water tank in most coolers helps keep the air moist while strategically-located fans provide better circulation and cooler air. As for the heat, coolers are perfect for cooling down drier environments like Pune or Bengaluru where the weather isn’t as extreme as other places.

Budget constraints

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option to ACs, air coolers are a good option to consider. Coolers are a friendlier alternative, especially when you’re looking to rent it on easy, affordable monthly rentals. Rentals for air coolers start at as low as Rs. 269/month–that’s lower than what you would pay for a pizza.

Warmer climate

If you’re based in a “temperate” city like Bengaluru or Pune, you’re probably used to just 3-4 months of semi-intense heat followed by a rainy spell that cools your town till December. In that case, an AC might not be a necessity for you. After all, a cooler can comfortably bring down the temperature slightly and still be good on your pocket!

Hopefully, we’ve helped clear your summer dilemma and make the right decision. You can now finally find a way to ‘chill’ that works for you, your budget and your home. Besides the literal cooling, there are also other ways to make your home feel cooler. 
If you’re interested in giving your home a summer makeover, head over here.



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