5 Stages Of Graduation We All Go Through

The sleepless nights before exams, group studies, assignments, deadlines and those 3 painful hours in the examination hall—all of these feel like an eternity. You just want to get done with this phase of your life. But, do you really want it to end? As the graduation day comes closer, reality hits you hard in your face. It feels like time has passed by at the blink of an eye. You tend to feel like you could have done so much more in those 3-4 years. All of us go through different stages of graduation.

Are you going to graduate soon? If yes, then let us tell you the 5 stages that you are most likely to go through during graduation.

Stages of graduation
Stages of graduation

Stage #1: Denial

This is the time when you know that college life is coming to an end but you don’t want to accept it. You pretend like everything is normal and go on with your regular lives. Classes, bunking, movies, chai at your favorite adda, etc. with your friends. Whenever somebody talks about graduation, you’ll change the topic because you don’t like to think about it.

Stage #2: Anger

Your college has started notifying you about the graduation day dress code, timings, and other details. This is when it hits you that college life is coming to an end. You’ll realize how much you are going to miss this. The thought of not being able to chill at your canteen with your group of friends will frustrate you. You’ll try to spend more time with your friends and complain about how you guys couldn’t make the most of the few years that you got.

Stage #3: Bargaining

Now comes the third stage. This is when you know that your college life is coming to an end. You’ve gone on a rant about it and you have complained about the situation to your heart’s content. Now you’ll try to convince yourself that it isn’t that bad. You’ll make more plans with your friends, you’ll try to hang out together more often and you’ll plan trips together to make the most out of the time that is left.

Stage #4: Depression

You get into the fourth stage now. This is when you are submitting your final assignments. You don’t have classes anymore and you already get a teaser of what it is going to be like after graduation. If that wasn’t sad enough, the reality of officially stepping into adulthood hits you. After this, you are going to be busy with your own work and you can catch up with your friends only on weekends. Life will run by timelines now.

Stage #5: Acceptance

It’s Graduation Day. A day to celebrate the fact that you made it through your Bachelors/Masters degree. This is going to be a day full of mixed feelings but this is when the reality sinks in. You celebrate, party, cry and accept the fact that all of you have been successful and it is time to move forward to the next part of your life.

No matter what stages you go through during your graduation, it is going to be a stepping stone towards a brighter future and the friends you make during these 3-4 years are going to stick around you forever. So celebrate and step into a newer experience with a positive outlook.

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