Ready To Take The 7-Day #MojoWellness Challenge?

Summer is finally here! It’s bright, and all the trees are lush green. Did you notice those little birds chirping over by the trees? Did you see those bluish-purple blooms of the ‘Basant rani’ trees? If you haven’t, you know you’ve been too busy.

Life will always seem like it’s running too fast, especially if you’re trying to hold it by the grips. In the bustle to achieve all your goals, complete all your tasks and make everyone happy; when was the last time you gave back some love to yourself? If you haven’t been thinking about it, it’s time. Self-care is more than just treating yourself to a big bowl of ice-cream.

It’s time to put your mental and physical health at the forefront. Take our 7-day #MojoWellness challenge and feel your best—every day.

Day #1. Monday: Do one random act of kindness

7 day mojo wellness challenge

We all hate the start of this day, but here’s one way to turn it around. If there’s one thing that will make you feel good about yourself no matter what, it’s being kind to yourself and others.

Do a random act of kindness for someone, even if it’s a stranger. It doesn’t have to be too big; drop in a little compliment to someone, make someone laugh or help someone with the door. There are one too many opportunities but very few in the world who are kind. Be one of them.


Day #2. Tuesday: Take up something new

If you’ve been hibernating away like a sloth for the longest, there’s nothing more uplifting and positive like taking up something new at the start of the week.

Think about the things that you’ve always wanted to try and set aside time for it, before or after work. How about watching an inspirational movie, taking up that dance class you’ve always wanted to join, or the hobby you’ve wanted to pursue since the longest? Whatever it is, make it happen today.


Day #3. Wednesday: Time to unplug

Scrolling through endless feeds, snapping pictures of every little thing and sharing it with our friends, we’re only growing ever so attached to our devices. The crux of technology is that we’re always online and connected with our work and everyone.

Let this Wednesday be different. Take a break, let the evening be about you. Pamper yourself with all the things you love, shut off all notifications for a while and enjoy the comfort of being with yourself. This is also the perfect time for you to be alone with your thoughts and ideas. Make sure you make the most of it.


Day #4. Thursday: Treat yo’self with food

Food will always be the one thing that makes everyone happy, no matter what. Take this opportunity to explore food and different cuisines.

Treat yourself to your favorite food. If you’re a foodie, try cooking dinner tonight or trying a new vegetable or fruit that you didn’t like in the past. For a healthier alternative, try swapping nutritious alternatives instead of binging on junk for the summer. That way, you’ll feel less overwhelmed when you’re hungry and want to snack on something.


Day #5. Friday: De-clutter your space

7 day mojo wellness challenge

Almost there. Everybody likes the last day before the weekend. Make this day about unwinding from the long stressful week.

Your house needs to feel like a cozy place where you can unwind, relax and chill without feeling stressed about it being messy and dirty all the time. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean house, sinking into the recliner and listening to your favorite music after a long hectic day of work. Try scheduling a time to clean and organize if cleaning seems like an overwhelming task. Start with the little things and level up as you go!


Day #6. Saturday: Go on an adventure

Welcome to the start of the weekend, your adventure begins here. No, we don’t mean something as extravagant as splurging on an impulsive trip to Italy.

Do something that involves outdoors. Nature has its own charm of fresh air, the beauty of lush greenery and solace in the wilderness. Take some time off, go for a walk or ride, notice all the little things that you missed on your daily commute to work. You’ll be surprised how different everything looks when you slow down.


Day #7. Sunday: Journal all the things you love

7 day mojo wellness challenge

Sundays are meant for relaxing and preparing for the long tiring week to come ahead. If you don’t already write a diary or a personal memo of sorts, take this opportunity to write and explore yourself.

This is about you. You don’t have to follow a preset template of doing things. Writing about yourself, your goals and all the things that matter to you is a good way to relieve your feelings and gain clarity. Taking care of yourself isn’t a one-time deal, a little more and a little often goes a long way. Remember, you’re important.

Remember to ask yourself, “Did I seize the day?”

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