5 Modern Living Room Ideas For The Summer

Oh, summer!

If you’ve been spending too much time outside, you already hate the scorching sunny heat and how it makes you uncomfortable. If the next thing you dread is coming home to a house that feels like the insides of a microwave, the struggle is real.

Coming home to the same old-monotonous look of your living room can be boring, especially if you don’t feel those positive vibes and excitement to be home anymore. Imagine this—getting home, locking the door and just sinking into the sofa after a long tiring day of work. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Our homes will always be so much more than just a physical structure with four walls. It’ll always be a big part of your well-being and the reason for your happiness. And, that’s why it’s so important to recreate that magical experience with the room you spend most of your time.

Spruce up your home with these five modern living room ideas for the summer!

#1. Swap the drapes

Modern Living Room Ideas For The SummerKnock knock! Who’s there? Harsh. Harsh, who? Harsh summers!

With the sun shining warm and bright, it’s important to keep your living room airy and light without compromising on functionality and aesthetics. Do away with dark shades or the double curtains from the last season. Opt for cotton or sheers in pastels or light colors to improve air circulation and prevent your room from heating up like a greenhouse.

#MojoTip: Don’t forget to close the blinds when you step out. It’ll improve cooling and prevent excessive heat build-up in the room.


#2. Edit that living room

Modern Living Room Ideas For The SummerMove. Shift. Repeat.

It’s time to reimagine your living room, especially now that summer is here. The key to an airy and breathable living room is cutting the clutter. Remove unwanted decor, unnecessary furniture or anything that takes up too much space and might contribute to trapping heat inside your living room. To give your living room a summer-ready makeover, try this for a fresher look.

#MojoTip: Stick to muted colors or white palettes for your furniture to give that airy and minimalistic look to your living room.


#3. Light it up

What did the big lightbulb say to the little one? I love you watts!

It’s hard to say goodbye to those romantic incandescent lights you’ve put up, but it’s a good idea to change the lighting ambiance of your living room. Try CFLs or LEDs for the summer. They’re bright, consume less energy and don’t contribute to heat build-up as much as your regular bulbs, which include your fairy lights too!

#MojoTip: Opt for warm-white LEDs if you like the yellowish-tinge of the conventional bulbs. Opt for the daylight color or cool white for a stark-white shade with a slight blue-ish tinge.


#4. Freshen it up

Modern Living Room Ideas For The SummerIf there was only a way to cool your room down naturally. Oh, wait. Plants!

The ficus plant you got as a gift from your bae does a lot more than looking great in your living room! Indoor plants like crotons, aloe vera, bamboo palm, ficus, and peperomia are great options to cool your room down naturally. Indoor plants improve the air quality, absorb harmful toxins and transpire oxygen. Most importantly, they regulate the temperature, keeping you fresh and rejuvenated all day long. If you live in places like Delhi with high-pollution levels, it’s ideal to rent an air purifier to keep those allergens and dust away.

#MojoTip: Ditch the carpets and rugs, decorate the corners with plants and keep the floor bare to prevent further heat build-up.


#5. Cool it down

Modern Living Room Ideas For The SummerThe little things and the bigger picture.

With temperatures soaring above 35 degrees on a typical sunny day, it’s hard to stay cool with just a fan running over your head (even after you’ve tried all the other modern living room ideas for the summer). If you’ve been putting off buying an AC or an air cooler for a while because of the long-term commitment and affordability, renting an AC or air cooler will fit your needs better.

#MojoTip: Apply insulated window films or tint on your windows to reflect and cut down on the heat.

Have a good summer, y’all!

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