8 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Furniture

Before you try to give your living room a Pinterest makeover, pause! Choosing furniture for your home is an overwhelming task and has a direct impact on your savings account. There are a lot of things you need to consider to avoid making mistakes that will not only create a dent in your pocket but will also make you wallow in regret. You need to keep a few things in mind while choosing furniture for your home. Just try to steer clear of these 8 common mistakes.

choosing furniture

Mistake #1 – Choosing beauty over Comfort

We just cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to choose comfort over beauty. The new furniture you like might make your home look like it jumped right out of an interior design magazine, but remember the furniture you are going to spend a small fortune on has to be used on a day-to-day basis. It should be comfortable and serve the purpose it has been chosen for. 


Mistake #2 – Not measuring beforehand 

Well, the most obvious but the most commonly made mistake is forgetting to measure the space in your home. Always ensure that your dream sofa or bed fits perfectly in the space you envisioned. Another very important rule is to measure the doorframe. Imagine you finally found the antique oak cabinet you have been lusting after only to discover that it will never be able to make it farther than your front door. So, remember measurement is key!


Mistake #3 – Not doing enough research

If you want to avoid unnecessary regrets, we suggest you do your research. Browse online, visit stores, look at different product catalogues, read more blogs and compare various options before settling on one particular brand or product. If you are buying online, pay special attention to the reviews by customers, they speak volumes about the product.


Mistake #4 – Ignoring the scale

You need to consider the scale of the product before bringing it in your home. The chest of drawers you bought after days and days of looking around, might overpower everything making the entire room look much smaller than it actually it. If you’re choosing furniture online, pay attention to the size and visualize it in the space where you have planned to place it. 


Mistake #5 – What maintenance? 

You need to be very practical while choosing your furniture. Always think about the efforts that might go into maintaining the piece of furniture you are choosing. Some materials such as genuine hardwood require more maintenance than others. If you feel up to the task, only then invest in such furniture items.


Mistake #6 – Impulse buying

When it comes to furniture, the one thing you absolutely need to refrain from doing is impulse buys. Think through, plan ahead and then go buy the furniture you have been eyeing for days. Stay in the budget that you planned and do not, we repeat do not give in no matter how strong the impulse is. 


Mistake #7 – Opting for a cheaper option

A cheaper price doesn’t always mean ‘value’. Do not fall prey to this and regret it later when the lower-quality item starts to fall apart. Furniture being a sizeable investment, we suggest that you think twice while planning your budget, a little more now will ensure that you do not need to buy the same furniture item again and again over the years.


Mistake #8 – Choosing unmatched pieces of furniture

Furniture oozes a certain charm when you view it on the whole, but one un-matched piece can break the whole look of the house. Always ensure that the furniture you choose matches the style of your home. The colour of your dream couch should be in sync with the walls and rest of the furniture in your living room. Always!

We hope we have got you covered with some of the common mistakes people make while choosing furniture.

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choosing furniture

  1. Thank you for sharing complete information on choosing furniture. Performing regular maintenance to your furniture can sometimes be a time-consuming task. Which materials require the least maintenance?

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