10 Washing Machine Tips & Tricks: Laundry Day Guide

These are secrets that have been passed on from wash to wash!


Washing clothes is a chore that has been around for ages. Ask your grandparents and they’ll tell you how in the earlier days, they had to wring out the clothes with their own two arms and all their might—just to get it ready for drying! Say thanks to Alva J Fisher for making our lives thousand times easier by introducing the incredible “washing machine” to the world.


Now, we love laundry day unlike a lot of others (maybe, you too?).


Do you know why? The secret is in the details—tips and tricks that we’ve learned and collected over the years. Trust us, your laundry day is about to get a whole lot easier after you read our list of top 10 washing machine tips and tricks!


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #1:

Getting Your Clothes Ready

Smiling mother and daughter doing laundry

This is the most vital step of all. You need to ready your clothes properly before washing just as you dress up before a party.

It involves certain things to do:

  • Remove buttons, pins and buckles.
  • Unzip the zippers.
  • Close snaps and hooks and secure velcro to prevent snags and abrasion.
  • Check the pockets there might be some important things that you won’t want to be destroyed.


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #2: Don’t Lose The Socks

Oh! Those socks! Don’t be bankrupt by losing them every laundry day. Well these little pieces of cloth have a way to sneak out of the basket. So the next time you do your laundry, make sure you keep them together in a pillow case so they don’t separate


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #3: Separate Light & Heavy Clothes

Eliminate Sorting With Multiple Hampers


Light and heavy? Yes I’m talking about the different soiled clothes here. Keep a separate basket for both of them. In this way, you’ll be safe from a lot of ‘laundry problem’.

Why keep them separately?

Reason: When you keep the light weight clothes like t-shirts together with heavy ones in the dryer. They will remain there for a longer time. (This means you’ll have to buy those leggings faster than your pet growing taller)


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #4: Remove The Stains First

Get Out The Stains Right

Most of us make a mistake by thinking that keeping the stained into the washer, the stains will be clean simultaneously. This is a very wrong misconception.

The best thing to do for the stained clothes is, first remove the stains then put it into the washer. Some can be very stubborn, so here are some  tips to remove the stains.


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #5: Turn Them Inside Out


Don’t you hate it when your favourite denim jeans gets faded? To prevent your heart breaking from next time remember to keep your jeans inside out while washing.

Bonus Tip: You should wash your dark clothes i cold water. In this way it prevents from fading and keeping the original colour in tact. The cold water sets the dye to the fabric, so it doesn’t float away in the wash water.  

Here’s some more tips on fading of clothes.  


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #5: Use a DIY Chemical-free Fabric Softener


Are you allergic of some of the chemicals used to soften clothes?  The residues can aggravate allergies and sensitivities and ;leave build up moisture.

Use a DIY softener by only using this simple household ingredient.

Just add between ¼ and 1 cup of white vinegar for your final rinse. (never mix vinegar and chlorine bleach)  


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #6: Blues For The Whites


Want your whites to be super whites?? It’s an old tradition to make the whites look brighter, whiter and cleaner.

You can add just a few drops of it into your final rinse. Remember to keep only your whites together.

There are many products for blue washing, but I personally recommend Vanish.

It’s available in both powder form and liquid.

Bonus Tip: Hanging white laundry in the sun to dry can naturally bleach them without dying.


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #7: Separate Dark & Light-coloured Clothes


Don’t you love to colour coordinate your clothes? Remember it’s very important to do it as well when your doing your laundry.

Remember the days when your favourite white t-shirt just turned blue? Well save yourself from such mishaps.

Separate the ‘darks’ and the ‘lights’ in two separate wash so you’ll get your clothes looking the same after wash.


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #8: Always Air-dry Naturally


The only clothes which are ideal for hot air dry are Jeans, pyjamas, gym clothes and under garments.

The rest you should probably use the natural air or sunlight, so that they don’t wear off easily.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have an open space to yourself then you should consider buying a foldable or collapsible clothes drying rack.

If you have don’t have any way out and you have to use the dryer then try drying your clothes on either a cool or “air fluff” setting. This will prevent shrinkage.  


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #9: Iron & Fold


Sounds like a band. Yes this seems to be a tedious job. Well I’m sure it is for many of us! It may seem to be very complicated but it’s not once you know the life hacks to do it.

So here are some useful guidelines to iron clothes.


Who likes to start folding the clothes after laundry? If only you have an OCD then you’d love this. But for normal people it’s something that blows your mind off.

Some handy-hints on how to cut some slack will always be useful. The first and most important thing is before you fold the clothes remember to always do it on the right side. This will reduce half of your time.

If you need more of ‘them tricks’ you could use the Japanese method of folding a t-shirt in two seconds.

Here is a video of  10 other folding tricks in 60 seconds.

Do you dress up to the nines? If you’re a ‘beau’ when it comes to clothes then you’ll sure love knowing this fact about keeping your sweaters. So if you think hanging those woolen warm fluffy sweaters will save the mess in your cupboard. You’re definitely wrong! Surprised right? Well even I was.



So the fact is you should not hang them like you do for your shirts.


Gravity. Oh yes it is. It will stretch your neck and shoulders – no bueno if you still love those knits and still want to wear them for the next winters.

What to do?

Either fold them properly and keep them on one of your shelves in the cupboard or fold them and then hang it on a hanger.

Watch this easy way on how to fold your sweaters properly.


Washing Machine Tips & Tricks #10: Keep The Machine Clean


I’m sure you’ll think cleaning the thing that cleans your clothes sounds absurd but just like any other household appliance, you ought to keep your washing machine clean and maintained.

Need some help on how to clean your machine. Don’t worry we’ve got it covered for you.

Follow this video on how to clean your washing machine and keep the clothes fresh. If you clean it every few months it will help to keep all the dust and dirt away.

These are important life-hacks if you want your clothes to be washed properly. So remember these simple tips  the next time your laundry day comes.

They are not rocket science to learn. I hope through these simple life tips you will love laundry day just like you love shopping.


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