You walked the halls of your college for the final time, graduated with a degree that you worked so hard. Now, it’s time to celebrate!

Not. Because not everything in life happens the way you want it to be. If the anxiety of the future wasn’t already enough, everyone loves to constantly remind you about the fact that you’re an adult now and how they did everything better than you at your age.

We’ve put together the most annoying questions that people just cannot stop asking.

#1. What’s your plan after college?

annoying questions you’re asked after college
What they really mean: Tumhara kya hoga, kaaliya?

We call this the classic icebreaker question to a round of annoying questions that follow after. Often asked by the same relatives and friends that never congratulated you for your achievements, they’ll be constantly on your back with this question.


#2. Don’t you have a degree in engineering? Why can’t you fix this?

What they really mean: Sharma Ji ka beta can do it. Why can’t you?

Whether you’re a mechanical engineer or a psychologist, if you can’t do something from your field, you’re apparently not cut out for it. Good luck convincing your neighbor that your engineering degree can fix her broken microwave!


#3. What do you do, again?

annoying questions you’re asked after college
What they really mean: Engineering or medical?

It doesn’t really matter to them what you do or where you graduated from. After college, people are still going to rant about why you should have gone to a better college or pursued a different, more traditionally-accepted course.

Our advice? Keep going, the only way is ahead.


#4. How does it feel to finally step out in the real world?

What they really mean: Baby’s day out, right?

Transitioning from the comfort of college to facing the real world can be challenging. But it’s also particularly displeasing when you have people around you who continuously bicker about adulting and annoy you with such questions.

P.S: Actually not so scary, adulting can be fun!


#5. What’s your salary?

annoying questions you’re asked after college
What they really mean: What’s your worth?

It’s really nice to know when people care about you and the things you’re doing. But it’s bothersome to be constantly pestered about your job and how much you earn. Also, not everyone has a job when they’re graduating, talk about even having a salary!


#6. When are you moving back home?

What they really mean: Kyunki ghar-ghar hota hai.

For all those who moved out of their homes with the promise of a brighter future, there’s always going to be that one person who constantly irritates you with this question. If being away from the comfort of home wasn’t enough, there’s still the sentimental ‘ghar-se-door’ conversation that you have to deal with.


#7. When are you getting married?

annoying questions you’re asked after college
What they really mean: Kyunki we love grandkids.

Annoying relatives and friends LOVE to bombard people with this question. Regardless of your relationship status, this question will always be irksome. If you’re single and hopeful of a crazy love to enchant your life, it’s only a sad hint that you’re single and still waiting. If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably thinking how awkward it is, especially since you just graduated!

We’ve all been there and for the graduating batch this year, prepare to brace yourself!

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Last Update: April 15, 2019

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