House to Home in Under Rs. 5,000 – Mumbai

Tips, DIY hacks, and much more to make your stay in Mumbai a splendid experience

It might be christened ‘The City Of Dreams’, but moving to Mumbai can actually be a bit of a rude awakening. Not only do you end up paying an exorbitant amount for a house, but you’re also left with the gargantuan task of transforming it into a liveable space. And all within the pittance that you receive in the name of your salary. Chasing your dreams on spare change can be onerous, so we thought we’d offer some help.

If you have Rs. 5K to spare, here are a few tips that could help make your apartment in Mumbai a tad more homely.

Master The Art of Repurposing

Houses in Mumbai are like glorified cubicles — that’s just a fact. Repurposing not only helps create more space, and if done right, combines vintage and modern elements to create splendid home decor options. For example, if you own a wooden ladder, it can be easily repurposed into a shelf. A curtain, on the other hand, could act as a makeshift divider or wall. Empty wine bottles could be repurposed into lamps.

And if you’re still not sold on the idea, here’s the best bit: It’s free!

The Island City’s Flea Markets Are Actually Glee Markets

If your haggling skills are on point, Mumbai’s many flea markets are at your mercy. Fill your sack with the gorgeous knickknacks and wall hangings at Colaba Causeway, or head to Crawford Market for even better decor items.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, though, trot right into the legendary Chor Bazaar. From secondhand furniture, classy decor options, to even essential electronic utilities, it’s full of whatnots that could be yours at throwaway prices.

Reap The Benefits Of Rented Furniture

It’s a rented apartment — which means once your lease runs out, anything that you own will have to be repeatedly moved, or eventually sold off. Such hassles are best avoided in Mumbai, where moving your furniture around could cost as much a month’s rent itself.

A great way around this is choosing to rent your furniture — for the simple reason that it makes sense logically and financially. This Luxury Studio package available on Rentomojo, for example, offers a bed, a mattress, a wardrobe, a table, an upholstered revolving chair, and a bean bag for a mere Rs. 1299 a month.

No amount of color is too much. At RentoMojo, we believe in being minimal and vibrant at the same time. Add a spark of elegance to your bedroom with solid wood furniture. Pictured here is the Geller wardrobe paired with the Dreamcatcher bed. Addition of flat colored sheets, coupled with framed motivational quotes to boost your day and a vase to complete the look. ProTip: Put in a small amount of scented beads or gel in the vase before you put flowers. Products: Wardrobe: Sheesham solid wood and polished to perfection. Starts 1039 INR/month Bed: Sheshaam Solid wood with head rest. Starts 549 INR/Month Share with us how you would set up your space with the solid wood bed and wardrobe. Tell us in the comments. #furnitureRenting #furnituredesign #furniture #homedecor #wardrobe #bed #rentomojo #diy #decor #colors #bedroomdecor #bedroom #motivation #motivational #muhammadali #dreams #dreamcatcher #vase #shoerack #solid #beautiful #interiors #instadaily #interiordesign

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Not only can you fit this easily in your monthly budget, but the essentials and products of great quality and services like installation and delivery are free too.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Hands On

When we say hands-on, we mean DIY. Not only is it a great way to develop a hobby or skill and while away those long lonely weekend hours, but it can also prove to be pretty efficacious — financially, and otherwise. For a city like Mumbai, decorating your place on a budget of Rs. 5000 can be difficult, but as this video demonstrates, DIY can be a fun solution to your home decor woes.


And Lastly, Cheap Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Worthless

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Think throw pillows. Fairy Lights. A simple vase with flowers. Or better yet, a small indoor garden? None of the aforementioned ideas will make you delve deep into your pockets and yet, if you let your imagination soar, can have a splendid effect in making your room a lot more comfortable.

What more does one need?

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