Get Nostalgic this Friendships Day

There are no boundaries. You guys are the perfect partners in crime. Like siamese twins, you are attached at the hip, well, not literally! You do everything together. Being shy about invading their space is completely out of the question. The love you share is so intense that you even let them steal YOUR pizza. Taking a punch for them is pushing it a little too far, but if the situation called for it, you’d take it. What are best friends for anyway, right? There is no completing your day without insulting them at least once.

It’s not about one big thing, it’s about a billion other little things that really matter the most. The moments you share, you will remember for life and probably laugh about it while sipping on a cup of tea when you’re 80.

Friendship is about that instant connect. The moment you see them, you just know what they’re up to. From sneaking into weddings uninvited to gatecrashing parties, you’ve done it all. And that’s the thing; good friends never let you get caught…alone. You share everything with them and they bring that spark to your life that no one else can.

Here are a few things most of you might relate with, something to remind you of your crazy experiences –

1. They know how CRAZY you are and still choose to be seen with you in public


2. First time cooking disasters! “Did we do something wrong? Pfft! It’s the cooker’s fault!”


3. “Yup! That’s it. We’re most definitely dying today!”


 4. “Eyyyyyy macarena!” When you get a sudden burst of energy and start dancing


5. Snapchatting like it’s the end of the world “Dayum Gurl! Check this filter out!”


6. Knowing that moving in together is going to be one hell of a ride “Let’s get drunk and do dumb shit!”


 7. Third wheeling on a date like a boss  “ Well, isn’t this just the perfect date?”


8. Scaring the crap out of them right after watching a horror film


9. Making your own music and playing it for the world to listen


10. You just want to smother them with your never ending love


Friendship is about finding people who are your kind of crazy. You know a friendship is going to last when you can be your absolute creepy, weird, obnoxious, obsessive self. You laugh when they cry (only when it’s ridiculously funny), they’re your ultimate lifetime drinking buddies, and hey, if you get married, your friendship will most definitely drive your S.O. crazy.

Share and spread your craziness.

Happy Friendship day y’all!

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