6 Ideas for a very Merry Christmas

With Santa coming to town this weekend, here’s a little list to help you get the Christmas cheer started!

Christmas is the time of the year for celebrations, love, gifts, well wishes, and most importantly, to be thankful for the family and friends that make our world a better place. With the holiday season nigh on us, it’s high time you jumped on the bandwagon and got into the festive spirit.

And if you’re the Debbie Downer who hasn’t already, then well, maybe this’ll help. Here’s a little list of six ideas that will surely help you make the most of Christmas this year!



There’s no better way to get into the festive spirit than by prettifying your space. Start by setting up a small Christmas tree, and then hang some stockings, ribbons, bells, and of course, the star of Bethlehem!

Set The Mood With Lights And Music


Will it really feel christmassy without the pretty lights and jovial music? Light scented candles, hang some fairy lights, and play some delightful carols and other christmas songs that’ll surely get you (and hopefully, your neighbours!) in the mood. And if you need help, here’s a handpicked playlist to get you going!

Have People Over For Lunch or Dinner

Christmas Dinner By Candlelight, Table Setting. Thanksgiving Tab

Christmas is all about spreading love and joy, but that’s a little difficult to do if you choose to spend it alone. If you want to be social, you could always prepare a special christmas lunch or simply invite people over for dinner, especially those who might be spending Christmas alone away from family. Set the table, prep the place up, and it’ll definitely be a lot of fun.

…Or Just Throw A Full-Blown Christmas Party!


Music, dance, gifts, cheese, delicious food and wine — a christmas themed party always has the potential to be a memorable night! People might flood in by the dozens, though, so if you think need extra furniture, you can always rent some from Rentomojo right here.

Secret Santa!


Borrowed from the West, Secret Santa has grown rapidly as a trend in India today. We can agree that the joy of gifting (and well, receiving!) is special to all of us, so make sure you put some thought into your gifts!

Indulge In Fun Activities

If just getting lunch or dinner sounds drab, you can always do something a bit more fun. You could have a karaoke night, for example, where you sing carols at the top of your voice, or you could have a special movie marathon where you watch fun movies based around Christmas.

When’s it ever a bad time for Home Alone, after all?

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