5 Hacks To Maximize Space In A Small Apartment

That feeling of sitting by yourself in that cozy little corner, sipping your cup of coffee and watching the sunset, is a feeling like no other. These little moments that you spend cuddled up in your comfort clothes during winters is what makes those little moments of life count. The best part about small, comfortable, and cozy apartments is that each little corner has a story of its own that makes you fall in love with that little space.

To make the best out of these little comfort burrows, here are five ways to save and maximize space in a small apartment.


Maximize Space In A Small Apartment

#1. The secret of the storage mirage

The magical illusion that the bed is not just a sleeping zone but also cleverly hidden storage might possibly be one of the best space saving ideas for small bedrooms. It’s perfectly concealed by the sheets and the height of the bed helps to reveal the abundance of space within. Looking for a storage bed? The Hutch won’t disappoint! 


Maximize Space In A Small Apartment

#2. Mirror-mirror on the wall, who’s spacious of all?

Besides being those shining beauties that reflect light across the little hallway, mirrors also have a way of making the room seem vast and spacious. It’s a good idea to add mirrors to your hallways or living room to brighten up the room. These reflectors automatically add life and size to the room they are placed in and have proved to be one of the best small apartment hacks.


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#3. Get flexible with the collapsible

Collapsible tables and chairs are as flexible as a gymnast, turning and twisting themselves in unimaginable ways. Collapsible furniture items are of great utility in small apartments and can be unfolded when in use or hidden away in a corner. They play a dual role of utility and convenience as they can be moved around easily, unlike the bulky and heavy teak wood tables that sit in one place throughout.


Maximize Space In A Small Apartment

#4. The game of hang-pan

We’ve come a long way from playing hangman as a way to guess the most intriguing things to life hacks. It has taught us one of the most crucial things in life, a real-life game of hang-pan. Rather than using up space to store pans and vessels on your kitchen counter, hang them! Without the pans and vessels strewn all over, you have more space for your kitchen workstation now.


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5 Hacks To Maximize Space In A Small Apartment

#5. Shelf it up

The most efficient storage space of all is undoubtedly layers and layers and layers of shelves. Your items can be stocked up and layered in order of priority, in terms of the height of the rack and divided according to type, or shelf-wise categories. While this also ensures that the whole process of searching for items is faster, shelves can also be decorated or even covered with a fancy piece of cloth that makes them secure and hidden away from the scrutiny of dust or dirt.

As you continue to live in your apartment, you will gradually learn to find hacks to save space and make it look good too. Don’t forget to keep adding your magical touch throughout, and you’ll own the space like it was made for you. If you’re looking for a change in setting, here’s how you can reinvent how your apartment looks



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